Never Judge a Book…




“But at least I arrived at the interview on time.”

Looking down at my new suit coat I spied three small white strings. “I hope they weren’t there the whole time. Maybe he didn’t notice them. Who am I kidding… white strings on a coal black suit coat…”

“Now… back to McDonald’s.”

“I definitely need to change first. No need for them know their night sift fry degreaser, has just now passed the bar.”

I slide my hand into my right pocket.

“Mom was right. If my head wasn’t attached…. Where did that blasted parking entry ticket go?”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction: March 11, 2018. Requirements: Create a 200 word (or less) flash fiction story using ideas from teh photo prompt provided.


Leesburg 911

© Jade Wong

This is Leesburg 911.

I would like to report a missing…

A missing?


Who is missing?

He has been gone for over a year.

Who is missing, sir?

It’s not really ‘a who’. It’s a what.

A what, sir?

Yes. He happily rested in my backyard, last year for just about a week. Then he always leaves. I understand that. But usually he is back by now.

He has been missing for over a year. Is there a reason you have waited until now to file a report.

He always leaves for baseball and football season. But he returns every year. This year he hasn’t come back.

Did he leave under suspicious circumstances, sir?

No, of course not. He always leaves each year. He is like a traveler.

Can you describe what he was wearing when last seen?

A pipe and a top hat.

A pipe and a top hat?

Yes, sir. A pipe and a top hat. But he left them behind in the yard.

They were left in the yard?

Yes, sir.

So what was in wearing?

He doesn’t wear anything else.

He wears no clothes?

I think I should let you talk to my dad. DAD!

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction: March 4, 2018. Requirements: Create a flash fiction story (under 200 words) using the given photo prompt.

Anything for Buster



“7:37…. Now, to find the red door.”

I turned to the left… then the right. There was no one.

“Well, that’s good. No one will get hurt. And she can’t hide in the crowds.”

I’m not sure why I thought I was looking for a she? The voice on all three calls had been distorted.

“There it is!” I hadn’t meant to say anything aloud. It just happened. The red door was thee office buildings down and to the right.

Upon reaching the door, I was reluctant to open it. Sure, the instructions said to step inside and place the money on the counter. Leave. Buster would be returned immediately.

“But can you trust the word of a kidnapper? Ok, in this case… a dog napper.”

I stepped outside.

There was really nothing else to do.

Walking back toward the car I heard a door close on the other side of the street.

There was Buster!

I whistled and he came running.

Attached to his collar was a small envelope. A red beam of light was dancing across it.

I quickly opened the envelope.

Enclosed was a small slip of paper and these typed words… Leave Now!

I did.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Write a 200 word flash fiction story using ideas form teh photo prompt.

To the Victor

Photo by “A Mixed Bag”

“Do you really it’s still there?” Steven removed his peaked hat and wiped his brow. Chad had said to remain in uniform, but this heat was stifling.

“Has to be. The plunder of three Spanish galleons… Can’t just have disappeared without a trace.”

“It was heavily guarded. The entire time. You know the story.”

“Just means it was an inside job. I have researched every known officer and penal colony resident during that time period. Not one family has ‘suddenly’ found great wealth. I know the spoils from that wreckage remain hidden in the fortress somewhere.”

“How can you be so sure we will find it?”

“My new actinic encephalogram. It’s set to resonate on gemstones. Emeralds… Rubies… Diamonds.”

“Your Ph.D. in Nucleonic Geoscience…”

“Yep. I have dreamed of this day since the tour guides told our seventh grade class of the legend. From that day, I knew the treasures would one day be mine.”

“I am honored that you have allowed me to witness your soon to be acclaimed achievements.”

Your presence is imperative. I am sure there was an unscrupulous officer needed for the original concealment. It’s only apropos that we unveil the treasure in a like manner.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the photo prompt provided create a 200 word flash fiction story.

Renewal @ Heaven’s Gates

14-john-robinson-17-september-2017I knew where they were taking her.

Martha would be the only Two-fer… They would not allow her to become a martyr.

This time- generational incarceration… not rehabilitation.

No chances would be taken that more innocents might see and follow the dream.


I had been found harvesting my meals from random dumpsters.

Martha took me in.

I was seven.

Seventeen others were advancing in the ruins of the projects upon my initial arrival.

Eleven years later, our numbers had grown.

Command knew of us, but we had been deceptively illusive. We existed on a far grandeur scale than Command could imagine.


Martha, a former Civics teacher before the takeover, had trained us well.

All men were created equal

All men were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

Martha established in us the belief in a government of the people.


We had infiltrated Central Command at all levels.

But even for us, the dream of escaping Heaven’s Gates … not possible.

Martha had sent word…

To whom much is given, much is required.

She may see herself reconciled… but I knew there had to be another answer.

There just had to be…

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the picture provided, create a flash story of under 200 words.

Piggily? Wiggily?

Photo © Jade M Wong

“Abracadabra.” Sara stared at the dragon atop the grandfather clock. “Hocus… Pocus.” Her eyebrows creased. “Piggily…Wiggily.”

“Piggily, wiggily?” Evan burst out laughing.

“Stop laughing, Evan.”

“Piggily, wiggily?”

“Well, it’s got to be very simple magic. The caretaker said the dragon had last taken flight when the little girl was still alive. The brochure says ElsaMay died when she was only five. She couldn’t have known that many magic words.”

“Our tour guide…”

“The caretaker,” Sara interrupted.

Our guide/caretaker, also said this movie set closed right after Baby of Dragonslayer flopped.”



“Shush, Evan. I think I saw it move.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Create a 200-words (or less) flash fiction story using the photo prompt.

AK-47 Doorbells


“Are you sure that’s Sarah’s?”

“Of course. Her parents have had my parents over hundreds of times.”

“Then why didn’t we just call? We could have went up the drive and walked in through the front door.”

“There is no front driveway… at least not for cars. It’s on an island, stupid.”

“So what’s in their driveway?”

“There have four helipads from which to disembark. And armed doormen to assist you with your luggage.”

“Being the daughter of a multi-billionaire recluse must suck.”

“That’s why we’re assisting her with her night-on-the-town.”

“Yeah, if we can get passed the AK-47 doorbells?”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the photo prompt provided create a 200 words (or less) flash fiction piece.