20190224.jpgCinderella had her glass slippers…

Dorothy, of Oz, had her ruby ones.

Maxwell Smart could call CONTROL with his telephonic-loafers…

Even Forest Gump had his special cross-country sneakers.

And now, I had found my treasure.

I had been window-shopping on the bustling side streets of Delhi for most of the afternoon when I spied them…

… Beautifully crafted white leather pointed-pumps with ivory-hewn buckles.

I could not believe my luck.

As I caressed the elegant lining of the left pump, my finger snagged a rough edging. The irregularity was not in the workmanship. A yellowed paper was wedged beneath the ivory buckle.

Feeling a sudden trepidation, I stepped behind the bustling shopping aisle and carefully unfolded it.

I recognized the lettering … It was written in Sanskrit.

“If only I could read Sanskrit,” I thought.

Instantaneously, the yellowed paper warmed and the lettering suddenly transmuted into English. WARNING: THREE WISHES. Two wishes remain.

I was astounded. One of my wishes I had already wasted.

“I wish I had a quieter place to think.”

Suddenly stone walls surrounded me. A small beam of light shone from a barred window high above.

“STOP THINKING!” I shrieked into the emptiness of the cell.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction: February, 24, 2019.  


  1. Should have run with the shoes when two wishes were remaining and thought about getting a billions of dollars and a safe haven with last two wishes.

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