The Stowaways

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan.

The Stowaways

“We promised.”

“We’re not breaking our word. The rules said the only places off limits had signs. We removed the sign and took down the stupid velveteen ropes.”

“No one’ll ever think to look here.”

“Duh! That’s the whole of hide-n-seek, stupid.”

“I hate being called stupid.”

“Then don’t be so stupid.”

Ronald crawled on his belly to the rear of the fuselage, leaned his back against the wall and opened a package of goldfish crackers.

“What have you got there?” Jeremy asked.

“Grape soda and goldfish crackers.”

“Bet your Mom packed that stupid fanny pack.”

“What’f she did? I have goldfish.”


“Nope. Ya think I’m stupid?”

With that being said, the boys became silent.

Suddenly there was a slow jostling of the small aircraft.

“Jeremy, I think we’re flying.”

“Of course we are, stupid. The museum is opening and our folks will be here soon to pick us up. We’ll definitely win the hide-n-seek contest.”

“But Jeremy, no one knows we’re up here. How are we going to get down?

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- 167: Requirements: Using the photo prompt provided, create a 100-150 word flash story.


Two for You and One for Me

ayr6 elephants
Photo Prompt: C.E. Ayr

Two for You and One for Me 

“Be still, Barry. If they sense us, they will charge.”

“But Mama, look at the little one. He is so cute.”

“His mama won’t find us so cute if she feels threatened. Now, stay down. Be quiet. And wait.”

“Look Mama,” Barry whispered excitement could hardly be contained. “Another little one.”

“So rare,” was Master Hunter/ Curator Smith’s reply to her twelve-year-old son. “I have heard of three sets of twins recently at Addo Elephant National Park but I have never witnessed twins in the wild.”

“Can we keep him?”

“What!” the master hunter/ curator’s voice went louder than she had hoped. The mother elephant’s huge ears became emboldened.

“Can we keep the other one?” pleaded her son.

“If we can bag’em both… That’s all the museum wanted. Sure you can kept the other.”

With that confirmation, Barry leveled the monstrous beast. The team encircled the two calves.

The job was complete.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the photo prompt provided, create a flash fiction piece of approximately 200 words.

Dennis, the Daredevil

No Swimming
MorgueFile April file8051277901708

Dennis, the Daredevil

“Is this going to be safe?” repeating myself for the umpteenth time.

“Who you kidding? Dennis replied.  “Look at those fiberglass posts. They just pushed’em in the sand ‘cause they wanted the lifeguard to have the weekend off.

“Man, you’re joking?”

“Why are you such a chicken?”

“I know the difference between courage and stupidity.”

“They always say there’s such a fine line there. ‘Sides, by tomorrow, we’ll be web celebrities. These waves could be the most monstrous waves of the surfing season.”

“Hence, the warning signs?”

“Just role the film. What difference does it make to you? You’re here on the beach. I’m the one hanging.”

With that, Dennis began paddling toward the foam-filled crests and I unpacked the tripod and began setting up my Sony NXCAM.

The churning in my stomach gyrated with the waves pounding the beach.

On days like today, there was no talking Dennis down.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner- 2018: Week #20. Requirements: Using the provided photo prompt, create a 200 word flash story.

The Shadows of Manhattan


You would think that with all the bright light of Manhattan there would be no place to hide.

You are wrong.

Oh, so wrong.

Between each thoroughfare and behind every dodgy pawnshop or ethnic restaurant are the accesses to an entirely different world.

My world.

Not just mine, but the world of hooligans, ruffians, thugs, and want-a-bees.

I know them all.

I know them as they step from their luxury limousines being guided to the entrances of their plush penthouses.

I know their veiled, sordid cravings and their as-of-yet unreleased, wanton passions.

I am here… in the shadows… waiting… watching.

Written for Friday Fictioneers: Requirements: Using the provided photo prompt, create a 100 word flash story.

Ask Cosantóir

Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, © Wales Wane Law, Google Maps

The footmen were gone.

The stables empty.

The entry chamber and all the adjoining rooms… cleared.

The will… Duke Bellingshire’s Last Will and Testament… clearly stated that all of The Bellingshire’s Retreat’s furnishings were to go to MoDA (The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture) in North London.

I had the castle.

Actually, I had the castle, the remaining monies left from the closure of the estate (no small sum), and an accompanying letter.


To retain ownership of Bellingshire Retreat bring your family, complete with camping provisions.

Stay one entire weekend.

Prepare your meals in the kitchen’s oversized fireplaces and enjoy them in the grand dining hall.

Make yourselves at home. Tour the remaining rooms at your leisure.

Daytime guests are permitted, but only family- your wife, son and daughter, are to remain in Bellingshire for slumber.

For further assistance, ask Cosantóir.

The only problem…. No one knew Cosantóir?

Written for What Pegman Saw: Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a flash fiction story of approximately 150 words.

FYI: If you did not catch one, Cosantóir is the Irish word for protector. 

He Shoulda Trusted Us

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Enisa.

He Shoulda Trusted Us

Jeff peered out the window of his older brother’s apartment as he pressed the reset button. “Ready when you are, Milo.”

Milo carefully twist-tied the small water-filled balloon and joined Jeff at the window. “How long will it take your brother to reach the street from seventeen floors? We should’ve timed the elevators.”

“Timing Mark’s steps to the taxi was enough. I can’t believe he wants us to stay in his apartment until he gets home from work. We’re in New York City. We’re both mature fifteen-year-olds. He should have trusted us.”

“Here he comes,” interrupted Milo.

“Ready. Set. …”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- #166. Requirements: Using teh picture prompt provided, create a flash fiction story of 100-150 words.

In the World of Cranes


In the World of Cranes

“Chichi.” There was no response. “Papa, if I wouldn’t have designed it, someone else would have.”

“This was built on the park where I courted your mother. The park where we picnicked with you as a child. The cranes that we treasured for our family’s good fortune… It was their home.”

“It still is, Chichi.” Taking his father’s hand, Tsuru continued turning the pages of the photo album.

“I remember my namesake’s stories. Look, Chichi. The Sasaki Medical Complex is in her honor. We reclaimed the fouled marshlands. Reestablished walkways and shelters. Chichi, the cranes are safe once again.”

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: May 10, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story defining “the charisma of cranes.” For centuries, cranes have inspired art and philosophy. You can write a crane story or create something new out of the phrase. Go where the prompt leads.