Providence Is in My Hands


Providence Is in My Hands

Slowly and steadily Steven maneuvered the one-wheeled cultivator through the freshly tilled earth. After each carefully calculated pass, he methodically removed every stone and pebble the tines had exposed. For this year’s harvest there could be no impediments.

Picking up the malodorous bucket and his father’s haversack from the top of the preceding row, Steven continued to mimic the planting ritual he had seen his father do in years’ past.

Systematically pacing off ten-foot increments, Steven knelt, laid the head of a sun perch, and encircled it with the three sisters.

As new head-of-family, providence was his to command.

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Requirements: September 21, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about what it is to gather a harvest. You can use the phrase or show what it means without using the words. Go where the prompt leads.


Jack… Jack Stalk

photo-20170911154817820“Don’t be fooled by his smug innocence, Officer Cretchner.”

“Are you sure you are not seeing giants where there are only mice?”

“He claims to be just an organic horticulturalist… a local gardening enthusiast. But the rumblings in the underground…”

Officer Cretchner smiled. “There are rumblings about a group of gardening thugs?”

“Do not make jest of this!”

“I am sorry. Please continue.” But you could see that Officer Chetcher was not a believer.

“The rumblings foretell of a new variation of towering sunflower. A sunflower stem that can reach to the heavens.”

“To the heavens?”

“From the beyond, great and mighty beings can then use this trunk for the infiltration of our premises. We will have no way to stop them.”

“Calm down.” reassured Officer Cretchner. “I will speak to this soiled ruffian myself.”

“Be careful. He goes by the name Jack… Jack Stalk.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: September 12, 2017. Requirements: Create a 150 word (approximately) flash fiction story using the photo prompt provided.

Renewal @ Heaven’s Gates

14-john-robinson-17-september-2017I knew where they were taking her.

Martha would be the only Two-fer… They would not allow her to become a martyr.

This time- generational incarceration… not rehabilitation.

No chances would be taken that more innocents might see and follow the dream.


I had been found harvesting my meals from random dumpsters.

Martha took me in.

I was seven.

Seventeen others were advancing in the ruins of the projects upon my initial arrival.

Eleven years later, our numbers had grown.

Command knew of us, but we had been deceptively illusive. We existed on a far grandeur scale than Command could imagine.


Martha, a former Civics teacher before the takeover, had trained us well.

All men were created equal

All men were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

Martha established in us the belief in a government of the people.


We had infiltrated Central Command at all levels.

But even for us, the dream of escaping Heaven’s Gates … not possible.

Martha had sent word…

To whom much is given, much is required.

She may see herself reconciled… but I knew there had to be another answer.

There just had to be…

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Using the picture provided, create a flash story of under 200 words.

They Are Among Us

This week’s photo prompt is provided by The Magicsticgoldenrose.

“I promise, Mom,” Andre yielded as he and his mother were secretly cloaked in the middle of the quad,

“You promise, now. Being a freshman here can be … challenging.”

“This was where you and Dad went?”

“Yes, but it was very different then.”

“You hadn’t discovered your powers.”

“We didn’t know of our powers until well after high school. We were more mature when our powers surfaced.”

“According to Grandma…”

“Grandma shouldn’t have told you those stories.”

“So they’re true?”

“Parts of them.” She gently touched the yet to be shaven chin of her son. “You must promise to never use your powers… any of them… while you are here.”

“Promise. No one’ll know.” Andre smirked spreading his arms wide. “I’ll be invisible.”

“Very cute, Andre. This is definitely a time to listen to what I say and not take a chapter from your parents’ youth-driven escapades.”

“Tis rather ironic. Isn’t it, Mom? I’m not supposed to ever use my powers here on campus, but we’re both standing in the central quad… beside of our super-tech-stealth car… completely cloaked like a Romulan Bird-of-Prey.”

Mother grinned.

“I know,” Andre replies. “Do as I say, not as I did…. Got it.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #119. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 150 (+ or -) flash fiction story. Sorry, it has been weeks since I have written. I could only get this one whittled down to 200 words without sacrificing the story. I will do better next week.

Piggily? Wiggily?

Photo © Jade M Wong

“Abracadabra.” Sara stared at the dragon atop the grandfather clock. “Hocus… Pocus.” Her eyebrows creased. “Piggily…Wiggily.”

“Piggily, wiggily?” Evan burst out laughing.

“Stop laughing, Evan.”

“Piggily, wiggily?”

“Well, it’s got to be very simple magic. The caretaker said the dragon had last taken flight when the little girl was still alive. The brochure says ElsaMay died when she was only five. She couldn’t have known that many magic words.”

“Our tour guide…”

“The caretaker,” Sara interrupted.

Our guide/caretaker, also said this movie set closed right after Baby of Dragonslayer flopped.”



“Shush, Evan. I think I saw it move.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Requirements: Create a 200-words (or less) flash fiction story using the photo prompt.

Capturing a Jabberwocky


“A jabberwocky?” The sergeant’s eyes squinted with a hint of disbelief. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir. Down by the creek early this morning. Stew and I were just leaving from a night of catfishin’ and … and there it was…. plain a day.”

“Plain as day, you say.”

“Yes, sir. At least ten feet long and spikes all it its spine. And the awefulist hissin’ noises I ever did hear.”

“Hissin’ sounds.”

“Yes. Sir.”

“Did your fishin’ mate see it? Why isn’t he with you?”

“He shoulda seen it, but it disappeared in the brush right before my eyes.”

“So where is he?” The Sargent had that all-knowing look in his eye.

“He went home to sleep.”

“To sleep it off? A little too much nipping in the night?”

“Yes, sir. I mean, no, sir. The beast was real. I could’a reached out and touched him. Maybe even captured him, If’n I’d a mind to.”

“Now that would have made a lasting memory,” smiled the Sargent.

Written for Three Word Wednesday: #527. Requirements: Create a flash piece using the three words provided.

This weeks words:

Jabber, verb: prattle, babble, chatter, twitter, prate, yap, gabble, rattle on, blather; yak, yammer, yabber, yatter, blab, blabber, bloviate; noun: prattle, babble, chatter, chattering, twitter, twittering, gabble, blather; informal yabbering, yatter, blabber.

Knowingly, adverb: deliberately, intentionally, consciously, wittingly, on purpose, by design, premeditatedly, willfully.

Lasting, adjective: enduring, long-lasting, long-lived, abiding, continuing, long-term, surviving, persisting, permanent; durable, constant, stable, established, secure, unchanging, irreversible, immutable, eternal, undying, everlasting, unending, never-ending, unfading, changeless, indestructible, unceasing, unwavering, unfaltering.


Not Today…

streamRolling out of battered sedan, the twins raced pell-mell to the stream.

Walking much slower, hand-in-hand, followed Grandpa and Grandma.

“I can’t believe you told the boys that old story.”

“Well, it’s true.”

“You know better. You’ll have them panning away all afternoon looking for diamonds and gold. You know what they’ll find.”

“Same as me, one day, I hope.”

“They won’t find it, today.”

“Nope. Today, they’ll likely find a little sunburn and a crayfish or two. But later… if they’re lucky… they might find their own diamond-in-the-rough right here. Just like me.”

And with that, Grandpa kissed Grandma.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Requirements: Create a 100+ word flash story using the photo prompt provided.