Celebrate October

Celebrate October

Instead of doing a daily checklists of something to celebrate every day on the month… For 2022, I am going to highlight CELEBRATION WEEKS.

Make your plans accordingly…

If you to include more celebrations in your month CLICK HERE.

Week #1- National Novel Writing Month

I have been doing something for National Novel Writing Month for over 15 years. Each year I plan a different project for the month. Some years, I was not in the ‘writing groove’ so I picked a special author to read for the month.

Week #2- National Carry a Tune Week

Check your shelves for some of those old cds (cassettes or 8-tracks) that you have not listened to in forever. Enjoy yourself!

Week #3- A Great Week to Be in the Kitchen

International Chef Day is October 20th. Find yourself a new recipe to try this week, or grab one of your oldies-but-goodies that you haven’t had in a while and stir-up-a-storm.

Week #4- Have a Few Pasta Meals

World Pasta Day is October 25th. National Breadstick Day is the 28th. Combine them and enjoy a great meal!

Written for 2022 Celebrations. 


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