Disco Starbucks


“Yes, you are caller number seven. Congratulations.”

“Wheee! I can’t believe that I have won. I never win anything.”

“Sorry, sir. That is not how the game works. You have won a chance to compete.”

“Ok… Ok… I remember.”

“Just answer these four simple questions and you will be our first winner of The New Dark Cocoa-Chocolate Lava-Latte Lamp!”

“Ok… Ok… Let’s play.”

“Patience. Remember, you have five seconds to respond to each question.”

“Got it!”

“Question #1 … What is the first name of the CEO of our new fortune 500 Starbucks?”

“An easy one! Howard…  Howard Schultz.”

“Correct. Question #2… Where was Mr. Schultz having coffee when the initial idea to birth his version of the Starbuck’s franchise?”


“Five seconds, remember.”

“Ahh… Milan… Milan, Italy.”

Correct again!

“Question #3. Who was the original owner of the Starbuck’s franchise?”

“That’s an easy one. I have seen him cry on TV! Jerry Baldwin.”

“And for question #4. What is the name of the new, innovative lamp that Starbucks is marketing so that you too can have the ambience of our new Disco Starbucks?”

“The New Dark Cocoa-Chocolate Lava-Latte Lamp!”

“Congratulations. You are our first winner!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Create a 200 words story using the photo prompt.

14 thoughts on “DISCO STARBUCKS

  1. Funny! I love …”You have won a chance to compete” …….sort of like “you have just won”….but you really haven’t won anything..Yet. There’s always a stipulation to really winning!

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