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Thus far…. Success!

From the initial experiments, we have finally a complete human skeleton.

Three years ago, we had started growing the bones of a goldfish. Last year, I had perfected the skeleton of a rabbit. Today, after only two weeks in the progressive DNA development chamber… the entire skeleton for a human had come into being.

Of course, I was not in any way going to rest on my laurels.

Last year, we had a successful breakthrough with a goldfish- flesh and all! It only lives three days- well, sort of lived. It did swim. Actually, the data only acknowledged that it floated. But we are pretty sure that it took a breath.

Now, the scientists working in development chamber two (rabbits) are attempting the same successes with a fleshy rabbit.

I am working on the finale in Level Four-Restricted.  To develop actual “life” … I am working at creating “soul”.


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Requirements: Create a 150+ flash story using the photo prompt.

14 thoughts on “BODY AND SOUL

  1. Interesting scientific take on the skeleton picture. Growing bones would be pretty neat. I’m not sure it’s a good thing for humans to put themselves in place of a creator. Especially trying to grow a soul. I can see some horrible backlash here. Great writing!

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