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“It’s a secret code.” The whispers were in unison as they rushed toward the exhibit.

“Slow down, boys.”

“We weren’t running, Mother.” Samuel stated emphatically. “It’s just we walk much faster than you.”

“I do wish that you would have worn more sensible shoes, Mother.” Ernest quibbled.

“Enough, children.”

“Did Father say anything about the secret code at the water fountains?”

“This is no secret code, boys. This is the entryway to the new Chinese Cultural Exhibits.”

“No code…” Samuel’s face was a gasp.

Mother smiled. The twins had just turned six. Their intellect was more than she could handle on most days. They had been looking forward to this day at the museum for weeks.

“The symbols you see before you are letters of the alphabet.”

“You jest, Mother.”

“We have known our alphabet for years.” replied the other.

“This is the Chinese alphabet.”

“Chinese?” once again in unison.

“Father gave me this pamphlet for you boys.” Mother handed them the pamphlet.  “He suspected you would want to …”

There really was nothing else to say. Now seated in front of the rock statuary, the two were urgently flipping through the booklet’s pages attempting to cipher the secret message.


Written for Sunday Photo Fictioners. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction piece.


  1. Sounds like it would be interesting parenting two such intelligent young guys. I would make them take sports just to round out their intellectual abilities. Great job!

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