“Comfortable hiking shoes and trekking poles.”


“Hydration backpacks and energy bars.”


“Sun visors and sun screen.”

“We’re wearing them.”

“My Canon Rebel.”

“Around your neck.”

“Snakebite and first aid kit.”

“In my backpack.”

“Have I forgotten anything?”

“Elmer, are you sure you really want to go on this hike?”

“Of course, I am sure. They say the view from the summit is the best in the valley.”

“But all this stuff, Elmer?”

“One can never be too careful when leaving civilization and trudging through the wilderness.”

“Leaving civilization? Elmer, did you read the hiking guide?”

“Three times… I have even read ALL the fine print. From our parking spot, the trail begins to the right 500 feet. The path is clearly marked. They reminded us not to feed any of the wildlife.”

“Those are all great facts, Elmer.”

“Plagiarism was even committed. They stole the lines form Streisand’s song “On a Clear Day.” You know that people never ask permission to use lyrics in their advertising.”

“Did you happen to see the length of the trail?”

“They said you could spend all day on the summit.”

“Yes, Elmer. But it’s only a twenty minute hike to the summit.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: From the photo prompt, create a 200 word flash fiction story.


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