The Daily Post: LEAPS OF FAITH




Every single day, I believe, any teacher worth their salt has to take a leap.

A teacher takes a leap of faith in their educational insights as they try to plan a productive lesson for each of their multi-leveled and diverse classrooms.

A teacher  takes a leap of action as they introduce each part of the lesson… trying to anticipate a ‘hook’ for that lesson that will not only make it a memorable teaching endeavor… but the lesson allows for some creativity for each student to personalize the learning.

A teacher takes a leap of faith in the principles of self-discipline as they allow each student the freedoms needed to ‘somewhat’ self-pace and be accountable for their own destinies.

A teacher takes a leap of faith in intuitiveness of personality performance as the teacher watches each student peruse the work, complete the assignments, and give proof of success.  There is always the interplay of life outside of the classroom’s learning environment that can adversely affect each student’s ability to learn as well as perform on the day of testing.

Once ‘proof of mastery’ has been attempted, plans have to be aligned to either reinstruct missed material, configure the missed materials into another logical learning situation, or attempt to move on to higher level mastery and use of each mastered task.

Many days- in fact on every good day- I feel the exhilaration for being a master magician.

I take the unknown illusions found in the world and create path of success that weaving the magic into useable potential.

Written for  The Daily Post:Leap

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