Below, I have included a few nib-bits of information that you might find enlightening about me. I hope you enjoy visiting my site… and visit often!


I plan on being a sexagenarian twice! (For those of you who don’t know- that means 120 years-old is a full life…) Then, I’ll think about resting.

In a former life- if I believed in such a thing- I must have been a librarian. I am a fervent bookworm. I am just now beginning to enjoy nonfiction. Agatha Christie (Who-done-its) type books have always been my favorites. Giving me a great read is like hanging a Do Not Disturb sign on my life.

A facilitator of learning … Of this I am a practitioner. I thrive on personal goal-setting and probably make a nuisance of myself to others when the life they live I see as too carefree. Without a paddle and a destination, your boat will eventually spin out-of-control in a whirlpool: whirlpools usually do not have happy endings.

I am a novice “fictioneer” … This word combines two of my passions. I love creating and abusing words. And I am an apprentice writer. (I cannot take credit for the word fictioneer– that apparently belongs to Rochelle ( Hopefully, in the near future… I will feel good about taking credit for my musings.

I am a music junkie! I have great appreciation for all genre of music: Classical, hip-hop, country and western, reggae, Christian, pop – just name it. A great voice is a great voice. The eternal dedication needed to become an accomplished instrumentalist- I have to admire.  (Opera- I have yet to understand… But I enjoy a well-directed play or musical.)

I am a lover of nature and hikes through the National Parks. Gardening is a new adventure for me- one as of yet not successful. Spending the day hiking through an historical time period exhibit… or hours in the wilderness…Both at extremely satisfying.

In my younger days I was a sports addict: baseball, basketball, tennis, horse shoes, croquet, even lawn darts. I there was a competition involved and a small chance to draw blood- I was there. (Of course, the drawing of blood leaves out golf!)

26 thoughts on “A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME …

      1. Sounds like me back in April when I started. Just keep trying stuff, that’s what I found useful. And I know what you mean about the follows. They seem like magic dust sprinkled from somewhere otherworldly. Mind you when you get the weird ones flogging hearing aid or some tweenager with a passion for soda and anything pink you do wonder they chose you… Keep going, anyway. There are a lot of lovely supportive people out there.


  1. Thanks for getting in the corral with us at Carrot Ranch! We try not to draw blood, so maybe our little writing rodeo is more like your experience with golf. Your music collection sounds like mine–very eclectic and the only opera is “The Phantom…” Which National Park has been your favorite hike? I’m not too far from Glacier. Keep writing! That was a great flash and hope to read more!


  2. I like your “About” page. I think you did a great job writing it. It is very interesting. I am loving Friday Fictioneers (yes, it is addicting!) There is also a Sunday Photo Fiction. Are you part of that as well? Are you doing the Daily Prompts? Since you are new to blogging are you following The Daily Post? I noticed this morning we finally started getting the prompt by email again (after a long period of not getting them). I use to LOVE gardening! I have had to (reluctantly) give it up because of my back. Best wishes!!


  3. Roger, I knew I was following you but I didn’t know what my subscriptions settings were. I went to look for your blog and came across this problem: (You need to be aware of it because the way you have it now will make it difficult for people to find you).

    I looked for your blog under the title you have on your front page, “A Little Bit About Me.” No such blog. I looked and looked. Finally I tried using RogerShipp. No luck. Finally, I went into your blog and clicked on the follow widget. When I went back into my “Manage Subscriptions,” your blog was on top and it is titled, “It’s All in Finding the Right Words.” This title is fine but it is nowhere on your blog’s front page. I suggest you add it as the title (since it is the title) and use the “a little bit about me” as the short summary description. That way it won’t be so confusing for people. Of course, it is your call, but I wanted to let you know.


  4. Hello Roger 🙂

    I am at present not able to access my blog and so am not able to the comments you left me there. I got the notifications though. Thank you very much. I will get back to you ASAP 🙂

    I just had a look around in here and it looks pretty interesting. I sure will be back to take a better look at it 🙂

    I am pretty new at blogging myself 🙂

    Good luck and wish you a beautiful 2015! 🙂

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  5. I do not follow that many. But I will bookmark your place.
    Writing, learning and enjoying the frustration of golf… Well only when I absolutely have to play with hubby when he can’t find any other partners…
    I did make par on one hole once. 😉

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      1. I use to write for Rochelle… but I stopped. Al and I were co-writing a continuing vampire story for awhile to her prompts.

        But I’ve been writing for Al’s place ever since he started it. Sometimes serials which I try to write so one doesn’t need to have read the rest – sometimes poetry.

        I’ll have to look for you then next time I post at Al’s Photofictioneer 🙂

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