A catalog of “tried and true” recipes from me… a person who loves to cook (sometimes) but does not love the clean-up nor having three days’ worth of leftovers.

I hope you find these tidbits as easy to make and as tantalizing to eat as I have!

Here at TASTY MORSELS I will try to post a new recipe (or alternative recipe) twice a month. Hopefully, this will keep me in the kitchen more often and broaden my understanding of the culinary arts.



It’s just me and the dog- I try not to share my table scrapes (often). I am a meat-and –potatoes kinda guy, but now that I have gotten a little older… well, let’s just say, “It’s been getting harder to see my feet.”

I hope that sharing some of my cooking experiences on the blog will inspire me to find new recipes and alternatives that will keep me from pursuing the fast-food lane of life.

We’ll just have to wait and see?

I'd love to hear from you. It's nice to know other people are out there.

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