I can hear the song… Can you?

To dream the impossible dream… To fight the unbeatable foe…To bear with unbearable sorrow…To run where the brave dare not go…

This is sometime I have wanted to accomplish for a long time (I think?).

I sporadically “train” for the accomplishment.

I sometimes “talk” about the deed. But it is still a deed that I see on the “far mists of an unattainable horizon”.

I am anxious to see, if I blog about the deed… will it happen? Yes, I am channeling the movie Field of Dreams. If I keep “the dream” on the forefront of my mind often enough, will my own Shoeless Joe Jackson make an appearance and give birth to this visionary event.

 Yes, even my dog if now rolling on the floor in laughter at the thought.


3 thoughts on “An Impossible Dream? … Running a 5K

  1. I love 5Ks. Short distances. Get to the end and come back. What I don’t like about the 5Ks here on Guam, though, is that you have to be one of the certain number of finishers (100, 200, 300, etc) to get a free t-shirt. In the States, everyone gets a free t-shirt upon sign up. Much betta that way, me thinks. Cuz although I’m in the military, I prefer to jog leisurely, if I can. Don’t care much about my time. Exercise and having fun is more important, no?

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    1. Here in the states, if you register within the required time frame with the registration fee of 35-55 dollars you get the free t-shirt. I enjoy a 5K… but as of now, I am reluctant to lay out the 35 dollars… sometimes, I just give the money to an organization and I run my own 5K with a friend??? But then .. no t-shirt.

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      1. Reminds me of when my sis said to me, “Why you gotta pay $35?! Just run around the neighborhood for free!” But cuz I don’t run around the neighborhood for free, I pay the dough. Ya know, I I realize why the 5Ks here are actually all right, even though some folks don’t get a free t-shirt. Cuz 5Ks usually cost between $7 – $15 per person. Ah, now I see how there’s a win-win either way.

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