Engagement Snafu

time for more sea-powered healing
Psychology Today

Engagement Snafu

Why you never joyride on a dolphin


So little chance of finding it

but it’s all the chance I’ve got.

He’ll never believe I was so careless

while diving from his yacht.


The passing of the dolphins

was just more than I could bear.

Invitations to ride with them

was such a rare affair.


So without thinking in I dove

in clothes and hat I sprang.

I’ve found my hat. I have my clothes.

Please, God, just let me find the ring.

Written for FanStory Club: Picture This.


The Catholic Spirit.


Lackadaisically bingeing on mysteries and adventures, fantasy and sci-fi, comedy and westerns.

Occasionally celebrating a well-worn, childhood memory of a television commercial from a past era.

Nighttime and daytime intermingling – the indirect aftermath of required isolation during a pandemic.

Ewoks and D2s, James Bond and Jason Bourne, Gandalf and Hobbits are not great evening conversationalists.

Lighting candelabras for enticing extravagance to a spaghetti-with-meatballs soiree attended by one.

Yearning for the now extinct reaffirming handshakes, passionate hugs, and festive chest-bumps of yesteryear.

Written for The FanStory Contests. 

I Only See You

beach 7
Photograph courtesy of MorgueFIle March2020 b8609bb286958f154ff5c03730f61fc4

I Only See You

“Just you and me.”

“Yes, I know they’re following us.”

“We just pretend.”

Written for a FanStory 4-8-4 Contest. 

A Poetic Panic

The Loop

A Poetic Panic

More than my ten fingers.

More than my ten toes.

Poetry has so many rules.

I think I’ll stick to prose.

Written for FanStory Contests. 


KIngfisher World


Poem-A-Day’s complete

with only a few cheat days

How gratifying!

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 30: For today’s prompt, write a praise poem. Praise your health or the taste of chocolate cake. Pen an ode to normalcy (whatever that is) or expound on the wonders of your favorite pen (for me, it’s either the Pilot G-2 or Pilot Precise V5). Have a favorite song? A favorite saying? Today is a perfect day to sing its praises.

Total Eradication


Total Eradication

dustless chalk, chalkboards

faxes and mimeographs

filmstrips, typewriters

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 29: For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Total (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles could include: “Total Madness,” “Total Victory,” “Totally Awesome,” and/or “Total Cereal.”

Sometime’s It’s True


Sometime’s It’s True

Thinking that someone’s

behind you doesn’t always

mean you’re paranoid.

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 28: For today’s prompt: Write a ‘look back’ poem and/or… Write a ‘don’t look back’ poem. Because some folks just want to keep their eyes on the road ahead.

Where’s My Feet?


Where’s My Feet?

The doctor warned me,

“Too many chips and soft drinks.”

I didn’t listen.

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 27: For today’s prompt, write a massive poem. The poem itself could be massive in size and length. Or it could take on a massive problem, describe a supermassive black hole, or praise a massive bowl of ice cream covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Whatever you write, I hope it’s a massive success.


The Clipart Library

from small rounded bulbs

rise trumpets glor’ously rare

the first sign of spring

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 26: For today’s prompt, write a change poem. This could be a poem about something that has changed or something that will change. Changing tires, clothes, or perspectives. Change left over when paying for something with cash. Feel encouraged to change it up today.