Louis L’Amour – Filmography

As I had informed you yesterday, this month I am reading short stories and novels by Louis L’amour.

L’amour has had many, many short story collections and novels produced into TV series and motion pictures.

You can find many of them on-line. You can find several at your local library.

I think you will enjoy them- even the ones that are ancient!

The Diamond of Jeru

Crossfire Trail



The Quick and the Dead

Down the Long Hills

Five Mile Creek

The Cherokee Trail

The Shadow Riders

The Sacketts

Cancel My Reservation

The Man Called Noon



Hondo and the Apaches


Kid Rodelo


Heller in Pink Tights

Tales of Wells Fargo

Alkali Basin

The Bride and the Bandit

Canyon Trail

The Kinfolk

The Wade Place

The Montello Affair

Captain Scoville

The Has-Been

Stage from Yuma

Guns of the Timberland

The Texan


No Place to Stop

The Marshall of Yellow Jacket

Apache Territory

The Tall Stranger


Stage West

That Packsaddle Affair


The Strange Land

The Dead Hills

The Burning Hills (9/1956)

Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado

Chevron Hall of Stars  (TV anthology series)

Based on the short story: The Defense of Sentinel

Heart of Honolulu

Flowers for Jenny

A Mule for Santa Fe

Showdown at Painted Rock

The Gentle Stranger

The Mojave Kid from Climax!

Treasure of the Ruby Hills

Stranger on Horseback

Four Guns to the Border

East of Sumatra


Cowboy G-Men

Red Creek Showdown

Bounty Jumpers

General Delivery

Ghost Bushwacker



Wells Fargo Gunmaster

Written for Entertainment.

Louis L’amour

This month I am reading short stories and novels by Louis L’amour.

L’amour has several short story collections published. They are great reads. I has never read them before.

He is probably best known for his Western Series: The Sackett’s. I have previously read ALL of these, but it had been several years ago. I am enjoying the reread very much!

If you want some great literature to read over the colder months, delve into L’amour!

Written for Reading Enjoyment.


Written by Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon, a retired Israeli secret agent (and assassian), is asked to come out of retirement to head-up a man-hunt for a former nemesis, Tariq, a renowned Palestinian zealot.

Gabriel Allon leaves his comfortable and quiet life as a much-sought-after restorer of fine paintings to seek to right wrongs that have haunted him from his past.

This is the FIRST of the Gabriel Allon series. A great read.

Written for The New York Time Best Sellers.




(FBI Series #8)

Catherine Coulter

A six-year-old boy (Sam Kettering) escapes his kidnappers and is found by a local sheriff and her daughter.

The sheriff’s home is attacked to retrieve the boy.

FBI Agents Savich and Sherlock assist Miles (the boy’s father and a former FBI agent) to apprehend the kidnappers.

The kidnapping case leads the trio, plus the local sheriff, to begin investigations into a rather creepy charismatic evangelist.

While on the kidnapping case, the Federal Agents are also involved with a serial killer of local math teachers?

Another winner by Catherine Coulter.

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

Eleventh Hour

Publishers Weekly

Eleventh Hour

(FBI Thriller #7)

Catherine Coulter

Father Michael Joseph, a priest (the identical twin brother to  FBI agent Dane Carver), is murdered.

Savich and Sherlock assist Dane in hunting down the prep.

A witness is discovered: “Nick” Jones- A homeless woman.

At the funeral, someone tries to kill the only witness.

Soon, the priest’s murder is tied to a series of killings. The killings seem to be modeled after a new television series. After each new episode, there is a fresh killing.

A One Night Read! You won’t want to put it down.

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

The Return


The Return

Nicholas Sparks

Trevor Benson, an Army orthopedic surgeon, is severely injured in a mortar blast in Afghanistan.  During Trevor’s rehabilitative time, his grandfather becomes very ill.

Trevor visits.

His grandfather passes.

Trevor is left with the family farm, a dilapidated house, aa well-kept outbuilding for working the honey, and his grandfather’s friendship with runaway teenage girl.

A spellbinding read!

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

Hemlock Bay


Hemlock Bay

(FBI Thriller #6)

Catherine Coulter

FBI Agent Dillion Savich rescues two teenage boys from their kidnappers. He kills the one kidnapper. The other, he severely injures. But the kidnappers seem to have some kind of other-worldly accomplices.

The injured kidnapper escapes.

Savich’s recieves notice that younger sister is in need of help. The kidnapping case is handed off, and Agent Savich and his wife head to California to assist Lily, his younger sister.

Lily has crashed a new SUV straight into a redwood hoping to commit suicide. While it was true that Lily’s daughter had just been killed in a hit-and-run and Lily had been very distraught, Savich does not believe that his sister is suicidal. The more he learns of Lily’s relationship with her new husband and his family, the surer he feels there is something just no quite right.

Another winner by Catherine Coulter

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.




(FBI Thriller #5)

Catherine Coulter

Becca Matlock, a political speech writer for the governor of New York, has acquired a stalker.

A stalker who wants noticed. A stalker who wants revenge.

Since the stalker isn’t getting the respect he thinks he deserved, he beings killing those around her.

Ms. Matlock goes to the police, but instead of them seeing her as a stalking victim, they see her as a potential suspect… really, the only true suspect.

Becca Matlock runs.

With the twists of an unknown stalker out to kill Becca, and a surprise bodyguard who tends to be able to control ‘the world’s forces’, and a long-lost college infatuation Becca’s world is chaotic!

Catherine Coulter has another winner!

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.




Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Nora Kelly, an archaeological anthropologist for the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute, receives a letter (twenty years late) from her father about the Anasazi City of Lost Gold.

She uses clues from her father’s letter and a satellite overlay to discover what she thinks is the route that her father took for his discovery.

Convinced that there is enough evidence to research, the Institute decided to finance the expedition.

Soon, the research team realizes that EVIL is stalking them.

A very enjoyable read!

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

Truly, Madly, Deeply


Truly, Madly, Deeply

Karen Kingsbury

Tommy Baxter, a smart, athletic eighteen-year-old, announces his new life goal- He wants to become a police officer.

His mother, Reagan, is in shook. She was sure her son was destined for far greater things… And all of them far less dangerous.

Luke, Tommy’s father, is well aware of the dangers of being a police officer, but he is supportive. Luke can see the many personality characteristics of this profession being a good choice for Tommy from Tommy’s life from childhood.

The plot twists even further. Tommy’s high school sweetheart is diagnosed with cancer.

Now Tommy has to battle for his life goals while assisting Annalee Miller in battling for her life.

A passionate read.

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.