A New Show on CW. (A Remake!)

The new Walker is no Chuck Norris, but after a few episodes, I am enjoying the show.

Cordell Walker has just returned to his family after a long undercover assignment. He has been given a new partner, Micki Ramirez, who is a by-the-book Ranger.

Walker’s 16-year-old daughter, Stella, and his 14-year-old son, August, are NEW family members to Walker- he has been away that long!

Walker is still coming to terms with the murder of his wife, Emily, even though that happened over a year ago. That was the reason he chose the undercover work.

Each new episode allows Walker and Ramirez to solve a mini-crisis in their small town.

Written for Movie Critiques.

The Bench (BBC)


The Bench (BBC)

No way would I give this show an “A” for entertaining, but if you want to see behind-the-scenes (in a very amusing and quirky way) the life of magistrates in the court system of Wales… it’s worth a watch.

Legal drama based in a magistrates’ court in Wales.

Each episode deals with a different courtroom drama: car accidents, malicious wounding, manslaughter, abuse of animals …

Written for Movie Critiques.




You once were my soul confidante.

You listened patiently as I read to you my bedtime stories, the same story fourteen nights in a row.

You never criticized my two extra thumbs appearing when I practiced for piano recitals.

You protected me from under-the-bed monsters and comforted me horrific dreams.

You never told a soul the deepest secrets of bygone years or of dreams yet to unfold.

Even when you were moved from your treasured seat between my pillows to the sideboard nightstand, you took your demotion in stride.

You stiffened my spine when I didn’t make the junior high basketball cuts and during failed attempts at finding first love.

You never wavered.

Even now, you sit watch high atop my study shelves… Keeping my world from tilting askew.

And now, after this unexpected news, I might need you more than ever before.

My bold-hearted friend.

Written for Writer’s Digest Flash Fiction February Challenges: Challenge #14 Today’s prompt is to write about platonic love.

Begging for a Change in the Weather

Chicago Tribune

Begging for a Change in the Weather

“Samuel, you are scurrying around like cat with a rocket is lit on its tail. What’s wrong?” Samael had just entered the kitchen door with our five-year-old son Andrew on his hip. They were both soaking wet.

“It’s the gosh darn weather. Go open every window in the house. Be careful not to fall off the chair as you reach the locks.” Samuel said as he placed Andrew firmly on the floor and gave him an encouraging pat on his backsides.

“It’s a beautiful day. It calls for great weather this entire weekend.”

Now at the hall closet, Samuel was removing the picnic basket and headed toward the kitchen. “I know. That’s the problem,” he said.

“What are you doing with the picnic basket?” I was now totally puzzled.

“I’m packing for an afternoon down by the river. Promised the kids after the washed the car and the tractor we’d have us a great meal and a swim. I hope you’re still planning of doing laundry this morning and hanging it out to dry.”

“What has gotten into to you, Samuel Bilford? What is all this fuss for today?” I had just peeked out and Natty, Angus and Daphne were heads-to-toes in suds washing the station wagon and Danny was pulling up the old Ford nearby.

“We need the rain. If eleven open windows, your weekend laundry line filled, two freshly washed cars and a planned family picnic don’t make it want to rain, I think our garden is in real trouble.”

Written for Writer’s Digest Flash Fiction February Challenges: Challenge #13 Today’s prompt is to write about the weather.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (My Two Favorite Characters)

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (My Two Favorite Characters)

What better way to end and begin a New Year than relaxing and enjoying a StarWars marathon.

This time, as I watched these classics, I began noticing the wide array of character personalities that George Lucas created for his acclaimed series.

I thought you might enjoy a few of my StarWar-deian academic endeavors…

My two favorite characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story are Chewbacca and Ugnaught


Facts about Chewbacca You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. Chewbacca, though seeming to interact with humans on an equal level, was a far more ancient being. Chewbacca ws well over 230 years old.
  2. He was known for his incredible strength, extraordinary bravery, and his unlimited loyalty to Han Solo. He saw himself as having a life debt to Han.
  3. Chewbacca was more trusted by the other beings of the Galaxy than Han Solo.
  4. While being seem as very honorable, Chewbacca did not like losing. He did not handle even losing at board games.
  5. Chewbacca was both an exceptional pilot and a star-fleet mechanic.
  6. His weapon of choice was the handmade bowcaster.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.

StarWars Fandom

Facts about Ugnaughts You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. Ugnaughts were pig-like humanoids from the planet Gentes.
  2. They were seen as one of the most hard-working species in the Galaxy. This was more of a curse because it caused many slave traders to hunt them.
  3. Lord Ecclessis Figg hired many Ugnaughts to assit in the building of his cloud dity- Bespin. They were so trustworthy, Lord Figg allowed them to continue living in the city on the lower levels.
  4. The tusked Ugnaughts had pink skin, white hair, and pug noses.
  5. Ugnaughts were known for their longevity. They could live for more than 200 years.
  6. The diet of an Ugnaughts consisted of genteslugs, and fugi and molds.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.

Written for Movie Critiques.

The Target


The Target

Catherine Coulter

Judge Ramsey Hunt seeks to find solitude in a cabin in the highlands of the Colorado Rookies. His isolation id interrupted when he discovers a ‘kidnapped’ girl.

Soon, the kidnappers are after him. The young girl’s mother, Molly Santera, and all her secret baggage, infiltrates his solitude… He is now no longer alone… He is on the run.

Judge Hunt calls on FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock to assist him in saving the child.

A great FBI Thriller read.

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

Lessons from Popeye


Lessons from Popeye

“Honey, do you really think it’s the right idea to withhold Popeye from Arnold?”

“I think it sends the appropriate message.”

My wife was always into sending messages. Especially subliminal messages. She could never just come out and say what was on her mind. If you wanted answers from her, you had to be a master at reading-between-the-lines.

“Don’t you think that we should talk to him about why Popeye is suddenly not allowed on the television.”

“I think serving spinach every meal for the next week for supper, and you and I enjoying its pleasures, will send Arnold the message.”

“It would be so much easier to just talk to him.”

“He has to learn.”

“So you think that emulating Popeye is what we want our son to do?”

“Most certainly.”

“Sweetems’… You do know that Popeye smokes a pipe and often gets into fights.”

“Arnold would never so that. You’ve already spoken to him about those evils.”

“I certainly can’t argue with that logic.”

Written for Writer’s Digest Flash Fiction February Challenges: Challenge #12 Today’s prompt is to write about a food you (or your character) hate.




A New Show on CBS (A Remake!)

Although this show is a reboot of the original, it still has the main character MacGyver being able to save-the-world with a Swiss Army knife and a half-a-bottle of Clorox.

The rest of the new show is nothing as I remember the former show.

I am enjoying the reboot, but it did take many episodes before I was ready to accept the NEW MacGyver as the real thing!

A fun watch.

Written for Movie Critiques.

When You Can’t Ring a Doorbell

Travis Heights Elementary School

When You Can’t Ring a Doorbell

“Somewhere over the rainbow… Way up high.”

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean, ‘What am I doing?’”

“Why are you shouting?” I asked. We briefly paused our afternoon hike.

“I’m not shouting, I’m singing.” Cassandra, my five-year-old, closed her arms across one another and firmly drew them together mimicking her mother perfectly.

“OK, why are you singing… and so loudly?”

“So they can hear me.”

“So who can hear you?”

“The leprechauns.”

“Leprechauns. Why are you singing for the leprechauns?”

“There’s the rainbow and everyone knows that leprechauns live at the end of the rainbow.”

“So…  You’re singing because…”

“I don’t have their phone number to call them, and they’re probably a lot like Momma and don’t want unexpected guests. I thought it was only polite to announce our arrival ahead of time.”

And with that, my darling daughter once again took off skipping and singing, “Somewhere over the rainbow… Way up high.”

FYI: Yes, I now that the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is from The Wizard of Oz and that there are no leprechauns in The Wizard of Oz. But my five-year-old called the Munchkins leprechauns, and if you have ever had a five-year-old, they are always right.

Written for Writer’s Digest Flash Fiction February Challenges: Challenge #11 Today’s prompt is to write about a holiday.

Who Wants Seconds?

NY Daily News

Who Wants Seconds?

We had had to wait a full week before trying out my new portable, tabletop grill. The previous afternoons had been rain filled, or I had had to put in extra hours at the office.

But today was perfect.

Alicen, my wife, picked up the kids immediately after soccer practice and headed to the course.

I had changed my tee time from four that afternoon and had pressed it forward to noon.

We were going to meet at the picnic area by Logan’s Run at as close to five o’clock as we could make it.

***   ***   ***

Arriving one right after the other, the boys and I set up the grill and started the burgers while the girls found a stop by the river for our supper.

The burgers on the new Char-Broil 9500 were impeccable. The potato salad and the cole slaw that Fredrick, my youngest and self-proclaimed aspiring chef, had prepared… divine.

After completing the meal, I went to the car and retrieved the Frisbees from the back and we paired off in teams for quick round of Frisbee golf.

About half-way through the game we heard Sarah, our oldest, scream. She had remained at the site with Alicen to enjoy the shade trees and catchup on some leisure reading.

The game was forgotten as we raced to the rescue.

Instinctively, I spread my arms as wings of a fear-bound hawk to stop the boys from getting any closer.

There, chowing down on Ramon’s uneaten half-a-burger- complete with paper plate, rested the largest alligator I had ever seen in my life.

As the boys and I stood glued in astonishment at this frightful sight, Alicen and Sarah joined us.

“Are you guys OK?” I whispered.

Sarah gave a nervous laugh. “Why are you whispering, Dad?”

I looked puzzled. “I’m just making…” Ramon finished my thought. Thank the Lord. I had no idea what I was going to day.

“Dad’s whispering ‘cause I’m on the phone with the Park Rangers. Their sending Animal Rescue here now. We’re to slowly move to the car and wait on them.”

***   ***

Once in the car, Sarah reached around each of us and personally locked every door.

Ramon stated laughing.

I found it impossible not to join in.

It was infectious.

Soon, the car was rocking for our hysterics.

“Don’t guess anyone in interested in seconds after the game?” I said.

“I think they’re taken,” Fredrick said. “But we can still have more potato salad and cole slaw. I packed it back in the cooler before the game.”

That brought on fresh round of stitches.

Written for Writer’s Digest Flash Fiction February Challenges: Challenge #10 Today’s prompt is to write about an animal.