I hope this blog will become an interactive experience here in the WordPress-world. A place where I can share a few of my successes in gardening, and hear from fellow gardeners about a few of their success stories.

Posting twice a month, I hope to ‘force myself” to become more knowledgeable about a topic that I may want to pursue as a future hobby. I really know very little about gardening- the true art form. I just put seed in the ground, try to stay on-top-of the weeding, and watch it grow. Sometimes things grow!

Learning just TWO NEW THINGS each month will vastly increase my knowledge and skill set!



In my younger days, I loved lawn and garden work. It was actually the mowing that I enjoyed. (Listen, young ones, this was not with the riding-lawn-mower!) I loved the personal satisfaction felt (the sweat and the exhaustion) after completing the necessary yard work and then reclining back with a cold drink and admiring a freshly pushmowed and hand-trimmed estate.

A wise one, a fellow blogger, has told me that I will once again cherish my gardening experiences if I will choose to blog about them. The ‘sweat and exhaustion experience’ comes too fast now-a-days. The job is far from over when exhaustion rears its ugly head!

At least, while I am seated- at sometimes ever-increasing intervals- catching my breath from the gardening scene… I now have something to think about.

One thought on “In the Garden: A Newbie’s Experience

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