Thinking of You


strong palpitations

Ursula enters the room

my heart skips a beat

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. Requirements: create a haiku using the words heart and strong.


Catch Me If You Can

flag football 5

A shimmy and shake

Two arms fully extended

Touched, but missed…. TOUCHDOWN! 

Written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Challenge #167. Write a HAIKU using the two suggested words.

NaPoWriMo- 2017: #1


National Poetry Writing Month- 2017 

REQUIREMENTS: We were asked to write a HAIBUN. A haibun is a prose with a haiku incorporated into the conclusion.

The grasses are greening and growing, and so are the weeds. As a novice gardener, I want to plant.. PLAnt… PLANT!

But the soil is still too cold, and Mother Nature might still send a frost.

daffodils in bloom

teasingly encourage me

patience gives rewards

Written for The National Poetry Writing Month- 2017. 




abandoned on steps

babyish meowing adored

HOME… cunningly won

Written for Three Word Wednesdays. Requirements: Write something using the provided words.

Abandoned, adjective: deserted, forsaken, cast aside/off; jilted, stranded, rejected; informal dumped, ditched, unused, disused, neglected, idle; deserted, unoccupied, uninhabited, empty, uninhibited, reckless, unrestrained, wild, unbridled, impulsive, impetuous; immoderate, wanton.

Babyish, adjective: childish, immature, infantile, juvenile, puerile, adolescent.

Cunning, adjective: crafty, wily, artful, guileful, devious, sly, scheming, designing, calculating, Machiavellian; shrewd, astute, clever, canny; deceitful, deceptive, duplicitous, foxy; noun: guile, craftiness, deviousness, slyness, trickery, duplicity; shrewdness, astuteness.