Rethinking Man-Caves

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Rethinking Man-Caves

Alone time needed!

Once a pervasive catch phrase…

Enough is enough!

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 25: For today’s prompt, write a remix poem. That is, take one (or more) of your poems from earlier this month and remix it. Make a free verse poem into a villanelle. Or condense a sestina into a haiku or senryu. Or forget form. Just completely jumble up the words…or respond to the original poem(s). As always, have fun with it.

Wake Me Only for an Emergency

Bow Wow Meow

Wake Me Only for an Emergency

The local officer the doorman had called sat patiently with me as I dried my eyes and held Snickers.

It had been three hours since I had awakened and took Snickers, my four-year-old Australian terrier, for his morning liberties. Dad and I switched off weeks for Snickers routine. Dad worked the night shift at Belleview Metropolitan. He was the head of trauma center.

Snickers was mine. Dad and I had wrangled and wrangled for months before I was able to convince him to let me get Snickers. (Being in my thrid-year at Cornell, I thought I deserved my first pet.) He had finally agreed to Snickers after I had promised I would take the main responsibilities for the dog.

Snickers nuzzled his collar under my hand again for attention. I scratched him under his neck. You could hear his safety tags and the silver key clink when I stopped. Snickers let out a small yelp. “Shhh… “ I whispered. Snickers was anxious for my morning breakfast. So was I.

Picking up another post-it, I wrote…

Me again. Wake up.

Daddy, I’ve locked myself out.

Pop, open the door.

I aligned it beside the other eleven notes. “I’m sure this one will stir him.” I smiled at the officer sitting across from me. “You have so kind to sit and wait with me.”

“Ma’am, do you lock yourself out often?” the officer asked.

Embarrassed, I set my eyes to the floor. “Truthfully, it happens more frequently than I care to admit. Even in high school I was a little absent-minded. Dad thinks I’m rather scatter-brained, but I had thought we had worked out a fool-proof system. Dad placed these Post-its and the pencil cup by our doorway so anytime I have need to tell him something, all I have to do is jot a note to him before I forget it. He is real good at seeing it every afternoon when he awakens. We have the same correspondence system right by the refrigerator.”

“Has that helped?” the officer smiled as he asked.

“It sure has.” I was proud of the progress I had made in keeping my life in order.

“Couldn’t you two have found a way to assist with an extra set of keys for the door?”

“Oh, Dad did,” I said. “He wired an extra house key right to Snickers’ collar just in case I ever locked myself out again.” Snickers let out another small yelp as he pressed my hand to his neck.

The officer rubbed Snickers under his collar. “You’ve got a smart dog here with you, Miss.” I heard Snickers’ safety accessories tinkle again. “I’m sure this will work out.” The officer patted me on my head as he rose. “My shift is over in fifteen. I’ll send another officer around to check on you soon.”

FYI: This is a haibun. A haibun is when a writer combines proses and haiku to tell a story.

Written for P.A.D. Poem-a-Day: Writer’s Digest … Day 18: For today’s prompt, write a message poem. You can decide the medium: Message in a bottle, postcard, or voice mail. Of course, there are text messages, telegrams, and letters. My wife loves to leave me messages on Post-It notes (and I love to find them). So write a message in a poem today!

Postponed Fun

January MorgueFile file9751272655027


Greetings, Oh Great One.

A question I have for thee.

My red Frisbee, please?

Written for FANSTORY: 5-7-5 Nature Poem Contest. Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #11. 

NaPoWriMo- 2017: #1


National Poetry Writing Month- 2017 

REQUIREMENTS: We were asked to write a HAIBUN. A haibun is a prose with a haiku incorporated into the conclusion.

The grasses are greening and growing, and so are the weeds. As a novice gardener, I want to plant.. PLAnt… PLANT!

But the soil is still too cold, and Mother Nature might still send a frost.

daffodils in bloom

teasingly encourage me

patience gives rewards

Written for The National Poetry Writing Month- 2017. 




abandoned on steps

babyish meowing adored

HOME… cunningly won

Written for Three Word Wednesdays. Requirements: Write something using the provided words.

Abandoned, adjective: deserted, forsaken, cast aside/off; jilted, stranded, rejected; informal dumped, ditched, unused, disused, neglected, idle; deserted, unoccupied, uninhabited, empty, uninhibited, reckless, unrestrained, wild, unbridled, impulsive, impetuous; immoderate, wanton.

Babyish, adjective: childish, immature, infantile, juvenile, puerile, adolescent.

Cunning, adjective: crafty, wily, artful, guileful, devious, sly, scheming, designing, calculating, Machiavellian; shrewd, astute, clever, canny; deceitful, deceptive, duplicitous, foxy; noun: guile, craftiness, deviousness, slyness, trickery, duplicity; shrewdness, astuteness.


Out to Lunch Cartoon - If Timmy Had a Cat

“What is it, Lassie?”

“Timmy fell down a well.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll get him.”

A yesteryears play

Every day at five… Lassie,

The world famous pet.

Written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #126. Requirements: Create a haiku using the words “pet” and “play”.