A Treasured Present


“Merry Christmas,” Marigold, the youngest of Robin’s and Marian’s (no longer a maid but now his wife) youngest girl whispered as she handed her father her personally wrapped present. “I made it myself.”

Robin glowed as he received the present. Marigold was the only girl of seven children, the rest being boys.

Slowing opening the heavily-taped present, more slowly than usual, for he loved to tease his only girl, Robin carefully unfolded the yet-to-be-discovered masterpiece.

It was a new hunting hood. Bright, florescent orange.

Marigold was beaming. “Do you like it, Dad?”

“It’s just beautiful, honey,” responded Robin as he gave his youngest a great hug.

“Now, you have to wear it every day when you go out hunting. I want to be sure you are safe in Sherwood Forest. There are a lot of bandits prowling around in the woods and a person can never be too cautious.”

Robin’s oldest boys were splitting their sides trying to stifle their giggles.

Little Marigold had no idea of the noble errantry that was her father’s life’s work.

Written for Writingscapes (In a weird twist of fate, Robin Hood’s hood is bright orange): Humor.

Written fir WOTDC: ERRANTRY.