These Aren’t Mom’s Mushrooms

Spider tree

“Did you hear that?”

“Go back to sleep,” whispered Travis to his brother. “It’s just raccoons out hunting.”

“But I can feel ‘em moving about.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Ray-Ray. Roll over. Go to sleep. Hay bailing tomorrow’s gonna come early.”

“I’m serious, Travis. I can feel them walking around.

“You can’t feel raccoons walk.”

“Spiders, Travis. Spiders… All over me!” Ray-Ray was quickly crawling out of the bunk and untangling himself from his sleeping bag.

“Hand me the flashlight. I’ve got to go to the bathroom anyway.”

“No way I’m going out there! They’ll get me!”

“What is wrong with you? Why are you covering your ears with your sleeping bag?”

“The noise! It’s so loud!”

A small baggie fell out of Ray-Ray’s sleeping bag.

Travis picked it up and redirected the small beam of light. “Ray-Ray, you didn’t get these mushrooms from Mom.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Given the accompanying picture prompt, create a flash fiction story of 100-150 words.


Jack… Jack Stalk

photo-20170911154817820“Don’t be fooled by his smug innocence, Officer Cretchner.”

“Are you sure you are not seeing giants where there are only mice?”

“He claims to be just an organic horticulturalist… a local gardening enthusiast. But the rumblings in the underground…”

Officer Cretchner smiled. “There are rumblings about a group of gardening thugs?”

“Do not make jest of this!”

“I am sorry. Please continue.” But you could see that Officer Chetcher was not a believer.

“The rumblings foretell of a new variation of towering sunflower. A sunflower stem that can reach to the heavens.”

“To the heavens?”

“From the beyond, great and mighty beings can then use this trunk for the infiltration of our premises. We will have no way to stop them.”

“Calm down.” reassured Officer Cretchner. “I will speak to this soiled ruffian myself.”

“Be careful. He goes by the name Jack… Jack Stalk.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: September 12, 2017. Requirements: Create a 150 word (approximately) flash fiction story using the photo prompt provided.

They Are Among Us

This week’s photo prompt is provided by The Magicsticgoldenrose.

“I promise, Mom,” Andre yielded as he and his mother were secretly cloaked in the middle of the quad,

“You promise, now. Being a freshman here can be … challenging.”

“This was where you and Dad went?”

“Yes, but it was very different then.”

“You hadn’t discovered your powers.”

“We didn’t know of our powers until well after high school. We were more mature when our powers surfaced.”

“According to Grandma…”

“Grandma shouldn’t have told you those stories.”

“So they’re true?”

“Parts of them.” She gently touched the yet to be shaven chin of her son. “You must promise to never use your powers… any of them… while you are here.”

“Promise. No one’ll know.” Andre smirked spreading his arms wide. “I’ll be invisible.”

“Very cute, Andre. This is definitely a time to listen to what I say and not take a chapter from your parents’ youth-driven escapades.”

“Tis rather ironic. Isn’t it, Mom? I’m not supposed to ever use my powers here on campus, but we’re both standing in the central quad… beside of our super-tech-stealth car… completely cloaked like a Romulan Bird-of-Prey.”

Mother grinned.

“I know,” Andre replies. “Do as I say, not as I did…. Got it.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #119. Requirements: Using the photo prompt, create a 150 (+ or -) flash fiction story. Sorry, it has been weeks since I have written. I could only get this one whittled down to 200 words without sacrificing the story. I will do better next week.

Not Today…

streamRolling out of battered sedan, the twins raced pell-mell to the stream.

Walking much slower, hand-in-hand, followed Grandpa and Grandma.

“I can’t believe you told the boys that old story.”

“Well, it’s true.”

“You know better. You’ll have them panning away all afternoon looking for diamonds and gold. You know what they’ll find.”

“Same as me, one day, I hope.”

“They won’t find it, today.”

“Nope. Today, they’ll likely find a little sunburn and a crayfish or two. But later… if they’re lucky… they might find their own diamond-in-the-rough right here. Just like me.”

And with that, Grandpa kissed Grandma.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Requirements: Create a 100+ word flash story using the photo prompt provided.


The Yarnspinner

The majesty of a walk in the monumental natural pressures always brings one a sense of awe.

The rebirthing blossoms of spring.

The beauty of effervescent greens of the summer.

The hodge-podge of burnt almonds to magenta of autumn.

To the slumber of winter.

Tranquility abounds.

Fortuitously planted

Cherry blossoms burst forth … spring

Now… the rest of winter

Note: I could be becoming addicted to NaPoeWroMo?

Written for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. 

At Hubble and Price

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sunayana MoiPensieve.

“Yes, we’re fine.”

“School is great. Just taken a little time off studies to come have lunch with Jake.”

“At work.”

“No… A new job. His last job was not really him.” 

“Yea. Hired straight off street.”

“That was amazing.”

“Just three blocks from our apartment.”

“Walking distance? That’s a plus, you’re right.”

“Right at the Hubble and Price Law Associates.”

“Ah… I know. I didn’t know he was into law either.”

“He’s a constant surprise to me too, Mom.”

“I know you had your doubts about him.”

“No. Not too many benefits yet.”

 “Love ya. I gotta go, Mom.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Create a 100 word flash using the photo prompt as a muse.

Grandmama Sophia

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dawn Miller.

“San Cristobal to Miami  … Now boarding a Gate 37B.”

There was a flurry of activity at the screening checkpoint. The three cousins looked at each other and smiled. All was going according to the plan- so far.

This was the last obstacle.

Grandmama Sophia was being escorted to the side aisle to allow the agents to give a more extensive examination of her luggage. She was being ever so cooperative. Her blushing embarrassment was priceless.

“Sophia should be up for Gina’s Golden Globe,” the one cousin stated.

“Is there no conversation that you can’t entertain us with your propensity for film references, Oscar?”

“So, I have a life aside from the family.  You puttin’ the next ‘tract on me?”

“Watch your mouth, Diego. Sophia’s done her job. It’s time to board so we can get on with ours?”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Create a flash story of 100+ (150) words using the given photo prompt.