Grin and Bear It


Grin and Bear It

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house … all seven grandchildren were racing up and down my back stairs like little rats.

The tree was up (I keep it up year round. Yes, I’m one of those…) and the lights were blinking.

This year, each family member was to bring a small bear.

We sipped warn cider with toffee cookies as we each told our story and placed our treasure upon the tree. Collectibles… Grizzlies… Polar…and Teddies.

Emma Sue, the youngest, always wanted to go last.

“Two-for-one, Grandma,” as she hung a beautiful koala and child.

Written for THE CARROT RANCH FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE. July 11, 2019, prompt: “My kingdom for a koala!” In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a koala in a kingdom. You can create a character out of Norah’s koala and give it a Vermont adventure. Or you can make up a story however you want! Can you pull off a BOTS (based on a true story)? Go where the prompt leads!



Photo Credit Courtesy of Padre of Padre’s Ramblings


“Yes, Geffrey, this is a lovely bistro. Their cassoulet was superb. But again, why are we here?

“Such a Silly Sally. Look around.”

“Um… There are hundreds of classic wickered-wine bottles. Folonari bottles, I think.  Again, why are we here?”

“To prove we are not animals. An assault perpetuated with mere Budweiser bottles just will not do for our cause. We will offer them cocktails … Folonari Molotov cocktails. After all, we are the ruling class.” Geffrey continued, “When the police investigate our riveting statement in the fight, researching these glass shards will prove we are not mere proletariat revolutionaries.”

Written for SUNDAY PHOTO FICTION: JUNE 23, 2019. 




“Dwight, many of the strawberries are ready. Take the basket and pick the ripest; I’ve a mind for a shortcake trifle for the picnic.”

Strawberry trifle was his favorite. Dwight was out like lightening and soon returned with the finest strawberries mouths could desire.

The guests arrived; ravenous men with their genteel lassies. Dinner completed, they went out back for their annual Horseshoe Extravaganza.

“Don’t worry ladies. The icebox is ours.”

Upon its opening, the upper shelf was lined with iced strawberry mint smashes. We adjourned to the Adirondack chairs out back to enjoy the swearin’ and the fuedin’.

Written for THE CARROT RANCH CHALLENGE: May 30, 2019. Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes strawberries and mint. The combination evokes color contrast, scents, and taste. Where will the combination take you? Go where the prompt leads!

The Mueller Report

100 Word Story

“Another blasted waste of taxes,” fumed Charles Thomas at his wife.

“What you reading?” Clair Jo asked.

“This infernal report Leroy copied from online. I didn’t believe him when he told me about it.”

“Never trust everything you read online line, dear.”

“This ain’t online. I have the dang copy here in my hands.

“So why the uproar?”

“Says here that they spent over $25 million gettin’ a report on mules. That kinda of money to study mules? Don’t they know you can’t breed mules? If you get a fine one, care for it good. There ain’t no breedin’ offspring.”

Written for 100 Word Story. (FYI: I just copied the photo from the site yesterday, and now the picture has changed? Maybe too much hatred online?)


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


“Get back in the car, Trevor. You don’t want to do this.”

“But what are the chances, Mike. Astronomical!! A forced detour and there she was.”

“She left you. Vowed herself to the Order. Besides, it’s been seven years. You’ve never seen her in her tunic get-up.”

“I’d recognize Alison anywhere. I dreamed about her last night. This is destiny.”

“Her destiny told you she never wanted to see you again. Even had the judge tell you.”

“Years ago, Mike. This has to be a God thing. Just like she said.”

Trevor strode cross the street to answer his calling.

Written for FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: April 26, 2019. 


PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funell

Robert climbed the last flight of stairs. The platform was empty.

Glancing at his watch, he sighed. “Ten minutes to spare.”

Removing the note from his pocket, he gently unfolded it to read again.


I’m glad you used your father’s contacts to find me.

I’m not sure what he told you, but I did what I thought would keep you safe.

Reading your father’s journal entries, after his passing, must have been confusing.

His attention was suddenly diverted by a series of gun shots.

Below, at the foot of the landing, lay a woman. A yellow fedora beside her.

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Requirements: Using the photo provided, create a 100 word flash fiction story.




“It’s beautiful, I grant you…. But $155,000? And you say it’s a steal?”

“Oh my, yes. There were three other collectors there wanting it as well. I wasn’t sure of the sale until the last ‘Going, going gone’”

“And you say this purchase is an investment in your future as a writer… It’s going to save us money?”

“True. True,” Liza emphatically nodded. “No more taxi fares, bus or train tickets … no more flying.”

“How will this mirror save you from all your historical research?”

“It’s an ancient tele-transporter. It says so right here in the instruction manual.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers- August 31, 2018. (A late entry.)