Writing 101: Blogging University

I write because…. That is such a difficult sentence for me to complete.

Because I can…

Because I have stories inside of me that needs out?

Because I want to be a writer a better writer when I grow up?

Because, when I create a world, It obeys me… Sometimes? 

Here were some great quotes from others, that I think are also true for me…

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I am just beginning to keep a journal near me. There have been ideas that I awaken in the middle of the night… understanding fully… yet when I awaken again in the morning, I only remember going to the bathroom?

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I know that I need to practice, and practice, and practice, and practice some more…. When is the race? When is a third place finish? I love the blog…. minor successes!!!

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I am a great beginner….

When do the feelings of a little success kick in?

write 3

When I feel this….

I know that I will finally ….

be a writer….

Written for Blogging 101: Writer’s University.