Fandango’s Provocative Question #199

Fandango’s Provocative Question #199

Fandango’s Provocative Question is a weekly writing opportunity to allow your mind to travel to unexplored area on argumentative intrigue and oppositional engagement.

Each week Fandango poses a provocative question for consideration.

I browsed through several of Fandango’s offerings and found them both motivating and energizing. If you blog and are looking for topics of interest, give Fandango’s Provocative Questions a try.


Have you ever fractured a bone (or bones) that was serious enough to require inpatient hospitalization and a post-operative stay in a rehab facility? What bone(s) did you break? How long did it take in rehab (inpatient or at home) before you were back to “normal”? And did you actually achieve the same level of functionality you had prior to the fracture(s)?

Aside from fractured fingers (probably most of them) and fractured ribs (Who really knows how many- you wrap’em and cautiously move on) I have fractured my nose.

The first time was on a Saturday in late October during a flag-football game. I ran into the back of the head of a leading blocker. I was knocked loo-loo and the guys had to call the squad because my nose would not stop bleeding.

I spent the night in the emergency room and a surgeon of some sort set it and sent me on my way. “No activities for you for six weeks.”

At the time, I was coaching JV basketball. I participated that entire week from the sidelines for every practice. I was very careful. I never touched a basketball the entire week.

That Friday we had a home basketball game. During the fourth quarter, while trying to correct the defensive quadrants of two of my youngest players at the opponent’s basket, I was struck right in the side of the face by a deflected pass. It had been blocked by our center during a full court press.

Of course, the basketball didn’t really hit me in the face. I hit me squarely on the side of my nose.

Again, instant Niagara Falls spewed from my face.  

Again. I visited the Emergency room at the local hospital. My nose was tentatively reset and again I was told, “No physical activity.”

Three days later, refereeing a rabid dodgeball game of fifth graders (while standing against the wall of the gymnasium) an errant throw soared over the circle of boys and … …

You guessed it.


Right on target.

This time, there was limited blood but the nose was noticeably deflated.

Once again, same evening visit to the emergency room.

And, I was blessed with the same doctors – all three times.

If you are counting … Three ememgency room visits for a broken nose in under two weeks.

FYI: I gave up listening to the doctor’s “No more physical activities” rule and just started up with my coaching and playing ball.

I have never broken my nose again.

Apparently, standing on the sidelines (for me) is way more dangerous than me actually participating in the sport.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question. #199.


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