Celebrate September

Celebrate September

Instead of doing a daily checklists of something to celebrate every day on the month… For 2022, I am going to highlight CELEBRATION WEEKS.

Make your plans accordingly…

If you to include more celebrations in your month CLICK HERE.

Week #1- Old Fashioned Remembering Week

(Yes, I made this one up!) There are soooo many to chose from this week! Have a night out bowling with a friend or two for U.S. Bowling League Day (Sept. 3rd). You will enjoy the Country Music that the bowling alley will be playing for International Country Music Day (Sept. 2nd). Bring your friends back home and dig intot he freezer for that store-bought Coconut Cake you have just been waiting for an excuse to sclice for World Coconut Day (Sept. 2nd). After your friends leave, drop a note (YES, A SNAIL MAIL NOTE) to a frind that wan’t able to come along and brag about your great bowling score for World Letter Writing Day (Sept. 1st).

Week #2- National Biscuit and Gravy Week

I will be looking forward to this special week the WHOLE year!

Week #3- National Indoor Plant Week  

It’s time to start thinking about bringing nature indoors. Visit a few garden centers and discover some easy-to-care-for INDOOR plants you might want to invest in for this fall. After a morning of garden center tours, stop off and celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day (Sept. 22nd).

Week #4- National Fall Foliage Week

Check out your local tourism center and find a short hiking trail or two, Enjoy the fall foliage. (Keep a new habit going- TAKE YOUR CAMERA!)

Written for 2022 Celebrations.


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