Celebrate March

Celebrate March

Instead of doing a daily checklists of something to celebrate every day on the month… For 2022, I am going to highlight CELEBRATION WEEKS.

Make your plans accordingly…

If you to include more celebrations in your month CLICK HERE.

Week #1- Bacon Week

Actually, it’s National Pig Day (March 1st), but what better way to celebrate a pig? (Don’t hate me!)

Week #2- National Plant a Flower Week

Where I live, it’s still a little early to plant, but you can definitely garden-center shop. Maybe, if you a an avid gardener, plant a few more seeds to

Week #3- National Backyard Week (March 19th)

This would be the week to begin working at your garden clean-up. Do all the preliminary stuff. And while you’re at it, enjoy your gardening books and finalize your plans over your new flower and vegetable choices for the year. (Have come chips –National Potato Chip Day the 14th– and a sloppy joe, or two or three- National Sloppy Joe Day the 18th– I alleviate some of the meal planning frustrations.)

Week #4- Spring Is Here! (March 20th)

Get outside for ‘something’ every day this week!

Week #5- National Take a Walk in the Park Day

Continue to enjoy the outdoors. Take a walk- even if it’s just for five minutes. Make it habit!

Written for 2022 Celebrations.

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