Monkey Business

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

“Honest Mom, I didn’t do it.”

I gave a silent chuckle. Any time Ashton began his pleas of innocence with an “I didn’t do it.” I could be fairly sure He had done it. He was not a good fibber. For that, as a mother, I was very grateful and I hoped this flaw would last another ten years.

“The camera was in my purse when we left the car.” I tried to remain calm. It was really no big deal that Ashton was so excited about using the camera. I had intended to show him some of the tricks-of-the-trade on our outing anyway. But he needed to learn a little patience.

“If you took it, you need to tell me, son. You’re constantly getting distracted and losing things. How many times have we had this conversation? This new camera is not a toy.”

“Mom, I didn’t take it.”

This time his response had more of a-ring-of-truth to it.

“Then where is it?” I thought I would short cut all the cajoling and cut straight to the chase.

“He has it.” Ashton was pointing directly behind me.

Quickly I turned right to look behind me. There was no one there.

“Ashton, I’m not upset with you, yet. I understand that you want to use the camera to complete your zoological tour project. That’s a good thing. A very responsible thing. That’s why I went ahead a purchases the camera before your birthday. But we’re getting to that point of no return. We’ve talked about this.” I was very proud of myself for keeping my cool.

“It’s right there is his hand, Mom.”

“Ashton…” I said as I turned again. This time to my left.

And there it was. Two adult macaques were busy passing my new camera between themselves looking at it with fascination.

“Read the sign, Mom.”

Right above me was bold red sign. The printing in bold block letters.

Curious Monkeys

Watch Your Belongings

“You really need to be more careful with things, Mom.” The sweet words melted from Ashton’s lips as they curled into a million dollar grin.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner: January 

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