And Then There’s Curb-Appeal

That’s the 57th car that has slowly driven by since lunch, Daddy. That radio commercial with me singin’ must really be working.” Amanda was beaming.

“I do believe we have a hit, honey.” Dad tousled the curly hair atop his daughter’s head. “What’a you think, Charlotte?”

“You nailed the commercial, but you ain’t gonna make any money with slow drivers that stare.  

“So Miss All-knowing, what’a you think we need to do?”

“Well, maybe having the jingle was money well spent, but a lot could be said for improving the curb appeal of this place.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

16 thoughts on “And Then There’s Curb-Appeal

  1. A shiny surface means mechanics don’t have work to do… hence the assumption that they can’t fix cars. Give me an old grungy garage with a mech who knows what he’s doing any day. Great story! Merry Christmas!

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