“Almost,” I said. Positivity was bursting within me. “That one was really close.”

“Close… Are you kidding me?” Matthew was astonished at my lack of remorse. “That last missile you launched just blew my ’58 Ford to smithereens. I had just finished its last reconditioning.”

I couldn’t help it but a chuckle escaped before I could answer. “There is always a cost to exploration and innovation.”

“My ’58 Fairlane 500 Skyliner was in pristine condition. It was showroom!” Matthew continued to expound. “And did you notice. The missile went 3500 yards BEHIND launch site. The opposite direction of the expected target. You had it projected to demolish that old barn.”

“Not my fault,” I emphatically replied. “It’s a prototype. You knew that. It was our first launch with a missile having heat-seeking capabilities. Not my fault you got here five minutes before liftoff and your car engine displaced more heat than the flares in the barn.”

Written for Word of the Day. (The word to use today was PROTOTYPE.)

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