NANO Project #3

How many of you are trying the NANO (National Novel Writing Month) this year?

I decided to break mine apart into different writing projects.

My first project was to complete my personal CELEBRATION blogs for the year. That project has been completed and has been checked off the list.

Project number two was to bring back on-line my weekly flash fiction writing challenge: FLASH FICTION FOR THE PRACTICAL PRACTITIONER. I finished that project this weekend. (This project will go live the last week of Decemeber.)

My third writing project is to collect and print my own personal COOKBOOK. I hope to compile 100 recipes that I know and have tried often and I love for this project. I suspect it will take more than the month of November. I hope to have it ready for my own personal Christmas present by December 25th!

We will see?

Written for Retirement. Hobbies. Entertainment. Cooking.

I'd love to hear from you. It's nice to know other people are out there.

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