One Sweet Sorority

Her eyes beckoned me with that come-hither look.

I confidently stood (at least I was trying to exude assertiveness). Untucking my polo from my stone-washed khakis (I watch the commercials; all the cool guys wear their shirttails on the outside) I boldly stepped away from the row of chairs that sadly lined the dance floor’s wall.

Just my luck. This radiant goddess was joined with three other voluptuous knock-outs.

She reached to take my hand.

“I’m Candy Cane.” She gracefully gestured around. “Kit Katrine, Almond Joylensky, and Twix Barac.  

“Sweet,” I responded.

I could feel my blood sugar rising.   

Written for The Carrot Ranch 99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge.

October 28, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features a candy kitchen. You can interpret the phrase creatively or stick to the traditional. Is it sweet? Ironic? Any genre will do. Go where the prompt leads!

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