National Nut Day

During the month of October I will be purposefully trying to celebrate MORE OFTEN. I am a middle school teacher (or a former middle school teacher) and I would like to find something to celebrate (great-or-small) every single week. I still do.

This month I will be blogging about different ways you can celebrate EVERY DAY for the month of OCTOBER.

I will send the weekly list in advance … so you can PLAN to ENJOY THE CELEBRATIONS with me!

Today’s Celebration

National Nut Day  

Wow! This one has ALL KINDS of interpretations!

You could go out and enjoy a MOUNDS bar and an ALMOND JOY bar…

I think that sounds wonderful.

You could take the healthy approach…

According to, there are Nine Nuts to Eat for Better Health.

You could go a happy-medium, and have a few walnuts with your yogurt breakfast.

I’m sure there are many other possibilities!

Happy Celebration!

Written for October Celebrations.

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