The Neighborhood


The Neighborhood

(On CBS)

The Neighborhood takes two families, a white Midwestern family and an African-American family, and creates a pseudo-neighborhood relationship sitcom.

It is a great way at showing the differences in the way these two families experience and see the world WITHOUT the preaching.

The White Midwestern Family

  • Dave Johnson: the perfect neighbor- so perfect, you want to kill him! A conflict mediator.
  • Gemma: an elementary school principal at a progressive (virtually all-white) school
  • Grover: the innocent- sometimes too-all-knowing son in elementary school

The African-American Family

  • Calvin Butler (Cedric the Entertainer): owner of an auto repair shop
  • Tina Butler: once dreamed of being a singer, now works in the auto repair shop with her husband
  • Malcolm Butler: the oldest don, once a baseball star- but was injured. Now seeking a purpose.
  • Marty Butler: the younger son. A computer space scientist. A nerd!

Funny… Sometimes a little off-color (just as life happens to be)… and often very thought provoking.

Worth a watch… or two!

Written for Movie Critiques.

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