Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (My Two Favorite Characters)

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (My Two Favorite Characters)

What better way to end and begin a New Year than relaxing and enjoying a StarWars marathon.

This time, as I watched these classics, I began noticing the wide array of character personalities that George Lucas created for his acclaimed series.

I thought you might enjoy a few of my StarWar-deian academic endeavors…

My two favorite characters from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are Maz Kanata and Zorii Bliss.

Disney Wiki-Fandom

Facts about Maz Kanata You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. Talk about being able to think about the good-old-days, Maz Kanata was born over one thousand years ago.
  2. Even though she was very short in stature (a little over four-foot-tall), she is often thought of as huge personality- ‘the pirate queen’- for her ability to maneuver and be successful in the criminal world.
  3. With her multi-century-aged orange-tinted face, Maz Kanata stood out in a crowd because of her laughter and vivacious smile. (Quite different from ‘fellow pirates’.)
  4. She often handmade her own clothing. These garments usually enjoyed much color. Her short stature and colorful garments were offset by here large corrective goggles she had to wear for her vision.
  5. Maz Kanata is very receptive to the Force. She could sense the power of the Force inside individuals and could even sense the Force’s presence when a new being arrived at here castles.
  6. She was a collector of galactic treasures and antiques. She would store these treasures in alarmed vaults. Maz Kanata had so many treasured-vaults that she had to facilitate their whereabouts and maintenance by keeping a Smuggler’s Guide.
  7. Maz Kanata was a painter, a poet, and a lover of music. She welcomed many artist/musicians into her fortified dwellings.
  8. To become a ‘resident’ in Maz Kanata’s homes, every person had to obey her rules: All are welcome. No fighting. War and politics were off-limits in her sanctuary.
  9. She often spoke of Chewbacca as ‘her boyfriend’.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.


Facts about Zorii Bliss You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. Zorii Bliss was a human.
  2. Her native planet was Kijimi, an extremely cold planet.
  3. Zorii Bliss was the leader of the Spice Runner of Kijimi. This group of thieves was often neutral in the galactic wars. They barters with all sides in battles.
  4. Zorii Bliss weapons of choice were a pair of E-851 blaster pistols.
  5. Zorii Bliss and Poe Dameron were often at odds on their views of one’s responsibilities to the galaxy.
  6. I saw Zorii Bliss as knowing right-from-wrong, but being guided by a very what’s-in-it-for-me conscience and cynical, but realistic, world view.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.

Written for Movie Critiques.

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