Star Wars: The Last Jedi (My Two Favorite Characters)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (My Two Favorite Characters)

What better way to end and begin a New Year than relaxing and enjoying a StarWars marathon.

This time, as I watched these classics, I began noticing the wide array of character personalities that George Lucas created for his acclaimed series.

I thought you might enjoy a few of my StarWar-deian academic endeavors…

My two favorite characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi are the Caretakers and the Porgs.

Facts about the Caretakers You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. The Caretakers were the custodians of the first Jedi Temple on Ahch-To.
  2. They regularly wore white robes and headdresses.
  3. The Caretakers maintained the structures on the planet and also cared for any who visited the Jedi Temple and grounds.


Facts about Porgs You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. The sea-dwelling bird, the Porg, were native birds to the planet Ahch-To.
  2. They were not ‘thinking’ beings.
  3. Porgs had short wings and stocky bodies covered in white feathers on their faces and body, but gray/brown feathers on their wings and back. This wes a bird species that had no beak.
  4. They could fly short distances on the island of the Jedi Temple, but not far enough to leave the island.
  5. For creatures with such short legs, they were quite quickly and could maneuver into hiding holes easily.
  6. Like many birds, Porgs found shiny objects fascinating.
  7. They deep-sea dove from the cliffs of their island to seek fish for food. They also enjoy eating crustaceans.
  8. Porgs built their nests (using fibers and grasses) on the sides of the cliffs and from them provided shelter for their young. Porglets were usually born in pairs. The young were tended by both the mother and the father.
  9. They loved playing the nearby waters. On the shore, their camouflaging assisted them from any predators.
  10. Porgs were found both as domesticated and wild.
  11. Porgs loved to be petted. They especially liked to have behind their ears scratched.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.

Written for Movie Critiques.

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