The Awakening


The Awakening

Nora Roberts

In her new trilogy, The Dragon Heart Legacy, Nora Roberts does a fantastic job of intertwining a mystical world of fairies and trolls and magics with the realities of a modern 21st century world.

One of the main characters in the trilogy is Breen Kelly, a young woman raised by a single mother, who has been brow-beaten to accept ‘average’. Breen has begun to break out of this confining world (a middle-schoolteacher in modern-day Philadelphia) that her mother has bound her to with a few much cherished, not-so-average-and worldly-accepted friends.

The other main character is Keegan of realm of Talamh. The Fey is a magical world through which Breen has been granted entry through The Welcoming Tree. Her ancestry (her father) was of this world. Keegan is the guardian/protector of not only the Fey, but of all-interwoven worlds. He is the Keeper of Peace and the Last Bastion against of Evil.

Breen’s father, before he left Breen and her mother, had told Breen many tales of wonder as a child.

Now, Breen is coming to realize that these ‘tales’ were not mere stories, but based in truth.

If you enjoy fantasy, and can allow a little romance, you will enjoy this first of the trilogies.

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

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