Peace, at Last

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Peace, at Last

Breaking News: The United States has just declared a moratorium on nastiness. No longer will advocacy groups be used as pawns to segregate people by race or ethnicity. Politicians have both promised and mandated: “Only truth will be spoken.” Words of malice, vindictiveness and spitefulness will be set aside.

A truth coalition has been established to facilitate this endeavor. It has been given full power to sanction dissenters. Rehabilitative centers are ready to assist all malcontents in coming to terms in the accepting of truth. If you know the names and/or whereabouts of struggling malcontents call for help. 1-800-FREEDOM REIGNS.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.  Requirements: Use the PHOTO PROMPT provided. Write a complete story based on it in 100 words or less: Beginning. Middle and End.

6 thoughts on “Peace, at Last

  1. LOL. I have read a little too much Orwell for this. Love how it builds up to the crazy, which felt all too real to me. It always starts with “we all agree that” and ends with – wait, what did you just say? I would so wind up in one of those centers before very long. And that is Real Honesty. =D

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