‘Almost’ Perfect Planning

Art Credit: Crusty Da Klown

‘Almost’ Perfect Planning

Carefully detaching the fleshy fragments from the canvas with tiny tweezers, the lead forensic specialist placed each ‘piece of evidence’ in the properly corresponding baggy.   Then each bag was secured, taped and labeled. The labels matched the picture she had previously taken with her iPad.

As she worked she explained the splatter remains.

“Likely we’re looking at a .38 caliber. You can see where the victim’s head shielded much of this lower area in the painting.”

“Didn’t you retrieve the bullet?”

“We did. But the prospects of a comparison’s not good. The projectile passed through the frontal and the parietal of the victim’s skull before lodging in the wall behind the painting. It’s fatally distorted.”

“So no luck there.”

“Lieutenant, they is no need for an identification of the projectile. We have the gun.”

“No,” replied the lieutenant. “You have ‘a gun’. Unless we can link this gun to the bullet, the defense attorney will have a heyday on cross. There’s no good reason to have left the weapon that was used in the commission of this murder at the scene. Everything else has been too well thought out. This particular gun is a ‘red herring’. I’d bet my badge on it.”

“Lieutenant,” an officer reports in. “We have a suspect, sir. He was hiding in the crawlspace. We also found vinyl gloves with powder residue still on them.”

“Well,” smiled the Lieutenant. “Looks like he planned the perfect murder- red herring and all. But he forgot about the getaway.”

Written for (This was to be for a 100 word prompt but I misread and got two different prompt’s requirements confused.) Me. 

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