The Lincoln Lawyer



The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Connelly

Mickey Haller, a California defense attorney, saves overhead in his law practice (and gives himself much needed freedom) by running his law office from the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car.

Haller defends the down-and-out: biker gangs, drug-dealers, prostitutes, con artists. He finds that winning court cases is rarely about what is actually ‘true’. Winning is about negotiations and manipulations of the laws of our great nation.

Haller gets the chanceto defend a ‘big-money client!

Haller is hired to defend a local Beverly Hills playboy who is accused of murdering a web-procured escort. The playboy claims to have been set-up for a fleecing.

A fun plot full of twists and turns!

A great read.

Written for The New York Times Best Sellers.

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