Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (My Two Favorite Characters)

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (My Two Favorite Characters)

What better way to end and begin a New Year than relaxing and enjoying a StarWars marathon.

This time, as I watched these classics, I began noticing the wide array of character personalities that George Lucas created for his acclaimed series.

I thought you might enjoy a few of my StarWar-deian academic endeavors…

My two favorite characters from The Phantom Menace are Jar Jar Binks and Watto.


Facts about Jar Jar Binks You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. Jar Jar Binks was cast out of his society for being ‘clumsy’.
  2. He wass a member of the Gungan race of Naboo.
  3. The Gungan’s werehumanoid amphibians.
  4. They were known for their long rabbit-like auricles (ears) which, while drooping long below a Gungan’s shoulders, can easily swirl around their heads.
  5. Gungan’s had long, elastic tongues (much more resourceful than the tongue of an anteater).
  6. The Gungan’s were very tall, lean, but muscular, creature.
  7. Gungan’s were born as tadpoles.
  8. A Gungan’s body produced a mucus covering that alloweds them to swim swiftly through waters.
  9. A Gungan had a swift and harsh ‘spitting’ skill. They could spit for great distances.
  10. Gungan society thrived on peace- abhored any kind of violence. Their normal punishments for even minor crimes were usually a form of corporal punishment or banishment from the settlement.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.

StarWars Fandom

Facts about Watto You My (or May Not) Know.

  1. Watto was the junk-dealer who owned Anakin Skywalker as well as his mother, Shimi.
  2. Watto was a Toydarian- winged, humanoid wasp-like creatures who thrived in the mudded homes built in the soggy landscapes on the planet Toydaria.
  3. Toydarians were often involved in human-trafficking and indulged heavily in gambling.
  4. Toydarians were known for their combination of ‘fairy-like’ wings but ‘troll-like’ personas.
  5. They also had trunk-like snouts, complete with matching tusks, and webbed feet.
  6. Toydarians could not be mind-manipulated by The Force.
  7. Toydarian society was a hierarchy. The wealthiest lived (similarly to humans) in huge estates and palaces on mountain peaks.
  8. The Toydarian society functioned in family groups or clans.
  9. Toydarians usually moved in flocks.
  10. Since we see no other companionships with Watto, we can assume he was from a lower-rung of the Toydarian society seeking monies for upward mobility.

FYI: Thanks you Wookieepedia for your assistance in honing my knowledge of the many beings from Star Wars.

Written for Movie Critiques.

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