I Love You Soooooo Much!

PHOTO PROMPT @ Jan Wayne Fields

I Love You Soooooo Much!

“There now. Doesn’t that just make you feel good all over? A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Agatha smiled at me triumphantly and briskly rubbed her hands together giving herself a gratifying self-high-five.

Aggie was always ready to help me out. Didn’t matter the time. Didn’t matter the place. Didn’t matter the skillset needed. Aggie was there for me 24/7. It was exhausting!

“Thanks Aggie. I love my new workspace.”

“I knew you would. I’ll leave you to it, now.”

“Thanks, again, Aggie,” I said as she was leaving. “Now where did she hide my thumb drives?”

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

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