The Bourne Identity (The Movie)


The Bourne Identity (The Movie)

An ‘unidentified’ man is thrown into the waters just before a yacht blows up. He is adrift until a fishing boat rescues him. The ‘unidentified’ man claims to have amnesia from his head injuries.

This man is sent to shore by the heroic fishermen and is nursed back to health by a local ‘drunkard’ doctor. The doctor tries to assist him in finding his ‘lost’ self.

Through a series of flashbacks and mental images (and an imbedded microchip) the unidentified man comes to the knowledge that in his former life he access to 7.5 million Swiss francs, he has a connection to an agency called Treadstone, and his name is Jason Charles Bourne.

As you already know (unless you have been marooned on an island for the last twenty years), Bourne finds out that he is an assassin of sorts.

From here on out, the novel and the movie have nothing in common!!!

Complaint: In the novel, I came to love the Bourne’s ‘girlfriend/ wife. She is a strong, passionate, opinionated woman who knows how to look after herself.

In the movie, this ‘same’ character is suddenly a teenybopper, crashing from shore to shire, trying to find herself. I think that they were trying to portray ‘the woman’ he had lost to the evil villains before the storyline actually began- but it was not welcome in my world!!

Once I realized that The Bourne Identity (Movie) had nothing whatsoever to do with The Bourne Identity (Novel).

I enjoyed the movie!

Written for Movie Critiques.

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