Toad-ly Worth It


Toad-ly Worth It

“Are you sure you want to do this, Beth?” SarahBelle asked.

Beth looked up- seemingly startled- by the question. “Of course, I’m sure. Elliot has been pulling prank after prank on me ever since the new semester. He has to pay.”

“There’s no way Master Wizard Alfredo is going to allow you to do this.”

“Do you think I’m going to ask?”

“It’s against all the coven’s rules, using magic on one another. Even Elliot doesn’t do that. His pranks are just a harmless Guinea pig in you dresser drawers, or a garden snake under the pillow. He just wants you to notice him.” AnneMay tried to speak some sense into her friend. “He’s never done anything that would harm you.”

“Notice him. Notice him!” Beth could hardly contain her emptions. “Elliot will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have noticed him.”

“But a frog?” intervened SarahBelle once again. “You could get expelled from Academy if you get caught.”

“Nonsense,” declared Beth. “We mix this potion in Elliot’s soup at evening’s supper. Give it four hours, by curfew- Elliott’s a slimy, crusty amphibian. No one will notice that he is missing. Elliot’s always away plotting and scheming over the weekend. By Sunday, the spell will have worn off. It’s likely no one will even know anything every happened- except Elliot.”

“But if you get caught?” simultaneously, the two girl’s fears were spoken.

“Toad-ly worth it, smiled Beth.”


Written for ‘Picture This’: FanStory. 

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