Flat Again

Flat Again

Flat Again.

A slow leak.

The story of my life.


I needed the bike.

Of course, I could walk…

But it took more than twice the time.


Sticking my head back inside, I hollered that I was off on foot.


Before I was two blocks from home there was a honking.

Mom had come, again, to save the day.

I stepped into Food Mart with minutes to spare.


It was busy.

Price check upon price check.

Cracked eggs. Leaking cartons.


Ten minutes to closing. “… and all is well.”

But then across the public address system,

“Clean up on Aisle Two. Clean up on Aisle Two.

Randolph, you’ll need the mop.”


Aisle Two.

Jars and jars of vinegar.

The air being released from an early night off.

Written for The Fabulous Free Versers Club @ FanStory.

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