Out With the Old… No, Please!


Out With the Old… No, Please!

I am just testing this to see if I can go back to the OLD CLASSIC EDITOR.

It took me over an hour to make a post using the new editor!

I could not enter my poem in paragraph format. I had to enter it one line (block) at a time. YUK!!!

Using this method- it seems to be a back door? – It took five minutes.

Here’s wishing?


7 thoughts on “Out With the Old… No, Please!

  1. Roger, I know how to get you back to the old editor, but have found people don’t believe me and don’t try it out so I’ve given up sending the instructions. Yesterday, Dangerspouse tried it and it worked for him, too. If you want to know my secret, let me know…

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      1. Go to the regular page where you start posts, but don’t enter anything but the title, save and close it. Then go to your Post page where it lists all the titles of past posts and drafts. Find the title you just entered and select edit. That will take you to the old editor. Do your post and save. Voila!!! Try this right now and let me know if it works for you. It has for me three times a day since they switched us over. Thank God, because I hate the new editor.


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