Classroom Clipart


While stumbling through Google the other day, I fell upon these videos.

I am NOT a connoisseur-type chef. My specialties are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Deli meats, and microwavables.

I do have a crock pot, and I have a few recipes that I have been successful at preparing.

The Simplified Saver Cooking Blog looked not only easy to do, but they looked very tasty.

Here’s the catch… I hate eating things when I don’t know ahead of time what they taste like. (Yes, I’m a baby. … I’ve heard it all before. … Water off a duck’s back.)

If, during quarantine, any one you have the ingredients available, and are so inclined, to test out a few of these delicious-looking treats, drop me a line.

I don’t think that I will attempt any of them until after quarantine.

New foods to me, stressful you see. (You thought I was a baby. … Really, I’m like a wise, but ever-compassionate Yoda.)

FYI: I’ll probably drop one of these each week, just seeking a helpful connoisseur.)

Written for On Line Exploring and Cooking.

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