Shutter Speed: the time allowed for the light from the outside of the camera to be let in to the inside of the camera.

Shutter speed is represented by a number.

  • A short shutter speed means light is allowed in for just fractions of a second.
    • This will give you a darker photograph.
  • A longer shutter speed means that light can be let into your camera for 30-seconds. Or a minute. Or even longer.
    • This will give you a brighter photograph.

Adjusting the shutter speed allows the photographer greater creativity in the process of snapping a picture.

A photographer captures the motion from the outside of the camera and recreates it into a still photograph.

  • A fast shutter speed would give you the picture of a race car in-one-moment.
  • A slow shutter speed will give you a picture of the race car with a blurred tail.

When using your camera as a hand-held tool, use a shutter speed of 1/80 or even 1/100. It will assist you in keeping any movement of you, the photographer, from effecting your picture.

  • At 1/50 or 1/30, you will likely see a blurred picture.
  • For long exposure pictures, use a tripod. This will alleviate any motions.

This video should even explain things further:

Written for Photography and On Line Tours and Learning.

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