You have heard the expression, “Time is money.”

If you really believed that this was true, you would make changes in your life.

I have always been a list person. I love the checking-off of things and the getting of gold stars when you have successfully accomplished your task.

Once retired, my lists no longer relied on a work-task, nor was I given any kind of gold star for any job that I now completed.

  • I was on my own.
  • I was in charge of all the rules.

Here are seven tips that I have found helpful in restructuring life’s goals so that your time begins to pay weekly and quarterly dividends, just like the back. .

1. Develop a routine. A morning routine. An afternoon routine. An evening routine.

    • A routine in life is not a rut. A routine allows you to structure your life so that you really are able to achieve the goals that you say you want. The goals that you have dreaming about.
    • Your routine will bring about freedom – free time

2. Your most important routine is the morning routine. This can include your self-care, morning household duties, daily exercises. What is it that you need to have done, first thing, so that it is complete and you can get on with your day?

    • FYI: As I teacher, my routine follows a classroom schedule. I have lived this schedule for almost 60 years. It’s ingrained in my bones- so why change it. My mornings are like my homeroom time at school. My mornings- Self-care.

3. Once you are working, GET IN THE ZONE. It’s like when a runner hits that indescribable point in a race and he is running in euphoria. The runner’s high.

    • At sixty, I have a hard time remembering that feeling, but I desire that feeling when I am working (writing). I want to disappear in my work and only live in the world that I am creating.

4. Don’t think you can do two things at once. Such, it’s possible. But neither task will get your undivided attention. It will feel like work.

    • LOVE the moment- each moment- at you have.
    • Don’t just get through the day.
    • Immerse yourself and catch aflame!

5. Schedule your blocks of time just like a doctor scheduling appointments. He/She values his/her time. He sets apart time just for you.

    • Why wouldn’t you value time for you as much as a another values thier time with you?
    • FYI: As a teacher, I use sand clocks (hourglasses). They come in assorted time allotments! I like them. I like that they are not intrusive, yet I can look and get an estimate of my time remaining for completion of my task. I have an hourglass for my writing desk. One for my piano  practicing time. One for chore-time. (I even have a n hourglass for my reward time!)

6. Make a plan! I mean a detailed plan… of what you want to accomplish.

    • What are your dreams? Your desires? Your bucket list?
    • Break it into steps. Break the one that you want to pursue first into monthly/weekly goals.
      • To maintain a welcoming home.
      • To complete your novel.
      • To become a better pianist.
      • To exercise more and pump-up your health.
      • To become a better you.

Maybe, all of them?

    • Set aside time each evening to decide on the goals for the next day.
      • This is time that I have set aside for journaling each evening.
    • With what are you going to fill each of your blocks of time.

7. Remember to include REWARD TIME!

    • Just like in school, we had a little relaxation time between classes. I reward myself with a small block of time for relaxation before I begin my next task. (Yes, it’s measured by my favorite hourglass!)   
    • With my reward time, I ONLY THINK AND DO the reward activity. With my task-intensive times, only the task activity. Reward activities don’t have to cost a thing. They just have to be things you enjoy doing.


        • Reading time (I always allow myself time to finish my chapter when the sand runs out. The hourglass is for me, not me for the hourglass.
        • NetFlix  time (Having an hourglass means that I actually get something done with my day instead of binge watching.
        • Sit outside and bird-watch or pull weeds. (I love the outdoors, but I can’t be out long because of sun irritations. The hourglass keeps me accountable.)

(Some people have even gone so far as place all this in an Excel sheet . I tried it. That’s not me. The freedom left.)

FYI: I have three blocks of time set aside each day (actually four). Homeroom in the morning is self-care things. Block One, Block Two and Block Three (each about thirty minutes) are for the things I want in life. Between each block is a break time for meals and rewards. On chore days, I run only 1/2 a block for chores and add the other half to may Writing and Blogging times. 

Written for About Me.  The idea for this blog entry came from Udemy Online Courses. They are offering free classes online for a while and I saw one on Time Management.



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