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One of my New Year’s Resolutions for this coming year is to become more fit.

I have not really made it into a ‘measurable goal’ because the term fit can be very illusive.

When I can walk to the mailbox for my mail and not huff-n-puff, that will be one step improved.  (I’m completely OK with the baby steps!!)

I have thought about all kinds of ways to begin my fitness endeavor … but I have now crossed CLIFF-DIVING off the list.

The reasoning behind this choice was fairly easy:

  • I’m not real crazy about heights.
  • None of the local cliffs have a water feature as thier basin.
    • Thus, this dive would likely be suicidal.
  • Even if there were cliffs from which to dive here in the valley… I can’t swim.
    • Thus, this dive would likely be suicidal.

Written for DAILY ADDICTIONS: January 17, 2020: DIVE.

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