Blowing Your Top

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Blowing Your Top

Do you have a few things in life (or relationships) that just seem to set-you-off?

I think I am rather easy-going and laid-back … I don’t think I am teh ‘unhinged’ type of person.

But maybe everybody thinks that about themselves?

So I decided to ponder a moment to see just what might come to mind…

Being blamed for something you didn’t do.

I still remember being punished for things that my sister did, but my parents were sure she was just too young and too sweet to have done them.

People telling the end of a movie.

For me, it’s someone telling me who won a basketball or a baseball game that I have saved to watch for later- and they knew it!!!

People who can only see one side of an argument.

I won’t even go there.

Drivers who sight-see down the interstate… and then as soon as you pass them, they decide to speed past you and the cycle repeats. 

That’s why road-rage is an illness!

Having conversations with your seat -mate during a movie … AND IT’S NOT EVEN ABOUT THE MOVIE! 

Wow… I better stop. Maybe I’m not as laid-back as I thought? 


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