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I am in far too  happy a mood to be irate today, but thanks to FANDANGO’S ONE-WORD-CHALLENGE, I need a little time to reflect on my bad days.

I don’t know if I can even come up with a PRESENT-DAY TOP TEN …

… But I’ll try.

My favorite brand of food item being discontinued at my local grocer

Drivers that sit-and-look at a green light (as if they are waiting for another color preference?)

Typing wiht and teh instead of with and the. (Curses on you dyslexic fingers.)

My love-affair with Mountain Dew products. (Yes, I know water is sooooo much better for you!)

Why is jazz music so hard for me to keep both hands playing the proper rhythms … ? (Practice is helping, but I am on this one song for closing out the second month!)

The closing of GOLDEN CORRAL!  (May the bird-of-paradise find the landowner’s car and make direct daily deposits for at least the next six weeks.)

My TOP SIX is as good as I can do.



5 thoughts on “PET PEEVES

  1. I felt the same when I moved to WA and found out that there were no Boston Markets in the whole state. There were a few when we left NM a while back. Now there’s one. One! Ah well, nothing lasts forever I guess.

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  2. So is Golden Corral closing in YOUR AREA (only) or is the whole thing going bust (like Shopko did earlier this year)? If GC is closing down wholesale, there’s a lot of seniors who are going to be upset! :O !

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