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I celebrated my birthday a little while ago, but it don’t think it’s ever too early to plan again for next year.

Besides, now that I have gotten a little age on me, I enjoy having a birthday celebration every three months.

(I think I would have liked that when I was younger, but my parents didn’t seem to think eight-and-three-months, eight-and-six-months, and eight-and-nine-months were worthy holidays.???)

Now, I get to do what I want!

Sixty-Two-and-Three-Months is worthy a cake and ice cream and a gift!!!

So I googled (Don’t you just love google!) to see what the going great presents were for men over sixty:

  • Personalized beer mugs and coffee mugs
  • A neck and shoulder massage pillow
  • A wine membership
  • Engraved watch case and sun-glass holder
  • A personalized whiskey glass
  • A personalized putter case
  • A bamboo birthday card
  • A personalized money clip
  • A personalized spatula

Almost all the go-to-gifts are engraved or personalized in some way. Do they think that once I’m over sixty, I’m going to forget my name?

It’s not like I have a houseful of people and I don’t want to share?

Why can’t they just buy be a gift card for a weekly ice cream cone at my favorite ice cream place? I wouldn’t even mind if they engraved it! I really would not like to share my ice cream cone gift certificate.



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